Artist Isaiah Releases Latest EP 'First Take!'

Let us introduce to you the emerging Hip-Hop artist Isaiah. He came from Lewiston, Idaho, to spread his magic inside the music industry. He has been working hard for the last three years with passion and dedication. He started making songs and music inside his bedroom, and now he is getting popular. The artist wants that his listeners feel something when they listen to the music created by him. So he started his passion for music as an outlet for himself. He took letting the music do the talking to a higher level.

Isaiah considers Lil Wayne, Drake, and Eminem as an inspiration to grow his music career. The artist first started to write the lyrics of his songs on his phone. After that, he invested his whole time and effort in his passion for music, and his self-belief paid him very well. He used the Hip-Hop style to express his art of music to music lovers. Hip-hop seems to be his hidden talent after his latest release.

Isaiah came up with a six-track EP named "First Take!" containing genre-bending tracks.The tracks have the theme of trappy hip-hop style, which the artist beautifully produced. The "First Take!" EP got intensified with the catchy lyrics.

Unlike the other emerging artists, Isaiah Did not tell his life story in this latest release. Instead, he focused on singing over the horizon to create everlasting effects. Isaiah wanted to expand his fan following by using trap and modern hip-hop sounds. The artist may create other songs in the future to tell his own life story when the right time comes. He currently focused on building his extensive fan base by releasing his "First Take!" debut EP.

All these tracks were recorded as freestyle songs on the first take, which is why that name highly influenced the title. The emerging artist has received great feedback from media outlets with this excellent release. "First Take!" portrays the natural and spontaneous talent of Isaiah. He wishes to gain 10,000 followers on Spotify and create music videos for his audience. So, keep your eye on the upcoming releases of the artist to enjoy more of his music by following him on Spotify.

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