Young Skoolz Is Not Playing No Games On His latest EP, "Monopoly."

Young Skoolz - Monopoly

The EP will blow your mind with its hip-hop beats and brilliant lyrics. Young Skoolz has crafted a solid and harmonious melody using his cohesive and impressive vocal tune. The punchy lyrics are robust enough to reign your song's playlist this whole year—one of the most incredible upcoming Indie releases of the year 2022. "Monopoly" is set out to dictate the universal world. The songs amazingly put by the artists show his passion for music. The passion resonates with the listener's mind and makes them feel the lyrics.

The artist produced the whole EP in his hotel room, set apart from the rest of the world, and focussed on what drives him. His audience can't resist listening to the drool-worthy album on repeat. The artist describes the album as the best he has recorded and thanks his audience for rendering their consistent, constructive criticism.

Young Skoolz hip-hop music has exhibited immense musical and lyrical creativity and aptitude. The artist's lyricism and wordplay have made the entire album show that he can overcome many in the music industry.

The listener can get to witness a significant and widespread use of his voice and see how he managed to keep the spirit of hip-hop music alive through this brand new EP. Vocally, Young Skoolz has a booming voice and accompanies bags of character in his tone.

More About Young Skoolz

Young Skoolz was born in 1986, grew up in Birmingham. He was raised well with music being around since he was eight years old, playing the alto saxophone. His brother introduced him to the combination of his poems and hip-hop music he knew. He eventually fell in love with hip hop music, and there is no looking back since then. He has been producing and recording some of the best albums for his audience to understand him.

Listen to Monopoly today!

If you are craving one of the best hip-hop music, you have to try your ears at this independent album. "Monopoly" album can be accessed from some of the most popular music streaming platforms. This bang-on album is breaking the records everywhere—Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Pandora, Deezer, Napster, Tidal, or Amazon Music. You can get to witness the artist's energy, creativity, passion, and dedication to his craft on any of these platforms.

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