Breezy BRG Just Dropped Her Banging "Pressure" EP That's Starting To Do Numbers.

Breezy BRG was determined to deliver great bars with the “Pressure” EP while displaying a unique cadence that makes her music unique. The title “Pressure” lets the hip-hop world know that she is here to stay and establish herself as a female lyricist in a male-dominated rap game. While the young 19-year-old artist/songwriter is super sexy, “Pressure” shows that she can deliver bars to compete with the dopest guys in the game!!

Her music is fun, vigorous, propelling; the way she put her lyrics together can be top-notch, with her rhythm dazzling and her conveyance flawless. Breezy BRG loves drawing in with her fans and anticipates bringing shows to your city soon. Draw in with her on her web-based social media and let her in on where you need to see her next on your streaming platform playlist. Then, follow her on IG to discover what’s next for this growing youthful hotshot.

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