The Ways Clive Davis Became Such A Respected Person In The music Industry.

The legendary American record producer, A&R executive, and music industry executive—Clive Davis is known to put out many now-renowned artists (such as Janis Joplin, Laura Nyro, Billy Joel, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Pink Floyd, Westlife, Santana, and many more) on the map throughout his long music career. In addition, he is perhaps the most visibly respected person in the music industry for being its most trusted confidante. His passion for music resonates within the vast industry, reaching all the new artists he has worked with throughout his 56 years within the field; as he stated, 

“When you share the passion of music, the age difference disappears.”

His dedication, innovative artistic creations, and upbringing of different artists, songwriters, and producers had his name written in bold on the records of music history.

Albums Produced By Clive Davis

Clive Davis had played an essential role in producing many hit albums known in the music industry of genres ranging from traditional Jazz to pop-rock, R&B to Latin pop, soft pop, and country. Some of them are listed as down below.

• All That I Am (Santana album)
• Love in Love (Air Supply album)
• Luther Vandross
• Breakaway (Kelly Clarkson album)
• The Christian Album (Lynn Anderson Album)
• Cruel Summer (Ace of Base Album)
• Echo (Leona Luis)
• Friends (Dionne Warwick album)
• How Can I Unlove You
• Mario
• Measure of a Man (Clay Aiken album)
• N II U
• The One That You Love
• The Real Thing (Bo Bice album)
• Rose Garden
• Shaman
• Something About You (Angela Bofill album)
• Spirit (Leona Lewis album)
• Supernatural (Santana album)

Other than these, Clive has also produced many hit singles and famous soundtracks.

Clive Davis Awards From Albums

This executive producer took home 6 Grammy awards, including; Album Of The Year and Best Rock Album in the year 2000 as a producer on Santana’s album The Supernatural, Best Pop Vocal Album in the year 2006 for Kelly Clarkson’s album Breakaway as an executive producer, Best R&B Album in 2009 as a producer for Jennifer Hudson, by Jennifer Hudson.
In addition to this, he also had the privilege of having received the Grammys Trustees Award in 2000 and the President’s Merit Award in Grammys 2009.

Where Is Clive Davis Today?

The founder and the former president of Arista Records are now the CCO of Sony Music Entertainment. He acquired this position in late 2008 when BMG sold its shares to Sony.

Job Positions Clive Davis Have Held

“The Man with the Golden Ears” had surprisingly never even dreamed of being a considerable part of the music industry.

Clive Jay Davis had graduated from New York University of Art and Science with a degree in Political Science in 1953 before he attended Harvard on full scholarship and graduated in 1956.

He started to practice law in a firm in New York. Two years later, he was hired as the assistant counsel of Columbia Records. From 1967 to 1973, he was the president of CBS records. He established Arista Records in 1974 and was president until 2000, after which he discovered J Records. Davis had been the CEO of Record labels such as RCA Music Group, J Records, and BMG North America.

Where is Clive Davis today?

As of late 2008, Clive is the Chief Creative Officer of Sony Music Entertainment.

Our Favorite Clive Davis Artist Discoveries

Clive Davis recognizes musical talents and provides them with a proper medium to let their music be known to the world. This has led to many flavorful discoveries that are now one of the most chartered musicians across the globe.

Our favorite picks pick from the many are—Billy Joel and Alicia Keys.

Alicia Keys had signed under Clive Davis, and her debut album Songs In A Minor (2003) won her 5 Grammys. Her phenomenal albums following up had won the artist 15 Grammys, 17 NAACP Music Awards, 9 Billboard Music Awards, and 7 BET Awards.

Billy Joel had caught the attention of Columbia Records after witnessing him perform one of his hit songs, “Captain Jack” and prompted him to sign under their record deal. His album, 52nd Street, was released in 1978 and became his first-ever album to hit number one on the Billboard top 200 Chart.

All of these extraordinary contributions to the Music Industry made him so visibly respected and renowned all around the world.

Clive Davis’ astounding contributions to the music industry, including founding new labels, recognizing musical talents, and making them the stars they are today by supporting them, producing for them and being their trust and faith. Such people earn their respect and have their names written on the list of musical legends.

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