Latest EP “Sisters” Released by JayS (Audio)

There are several emerging

Rap artists in the hip-hop music industry

and jayS, being one of them, emerged as a great performer with his latest release of EP, which is titled “sisters.” This fast track and Rap EP consist of two tracks, namely, “understanding the agenda” and “late-night.” He had created many ways before it, which were in the form of live music, and some were electronically recorded, each having its differing Characteristics and meaning.

This EP’s tracks are structured differently with the distinguished essence of hip hop and rap music. He wrote the lyrics of these songs in quite a short time, but they are based on real happenings and emotions which the artist himself experienced. So, the lyrics and theme of these two tracks are a bit meaningful for the listeners.

In the first song, “understanding the agenda,” the artist focused on describing the difficulties and hardships of life and how to deal with them more efficiently. He opted for the sarcastic way of portrayal. He advised to never feel guilty due to criticism of people around you, and you have to keep struggling with calmness without caring for what others think of you. He used the phrase “Keep it simple, keep it moving” to ease tension in listeners’ minds and steadily work to achieve their dreams. However, the overall combination of fast beat and rap makes this track perfect for an enjoyable vibe.

On the other hand, if we listen to “late night,” it is quite a slow, smooth, and rhythmic rap combination of the voice of JayS and Lew Elliott. The song’s chorus is “late-night under covers,” which adds a fascinating effect to the track. The song’s theme is of supporting nature, and the man is overly frustrated due to hardships in his life, which is portrayed by the music and lyrics. At the same time, the woman who loves him keeps supporting him to get over this challenging period through her love and support. She believes that his passion will fulfill his dream and fantasies one day if he doesn’t give up. This depicted the reality of life: one who truly loves you never leaves you in hard times and keeps picking you up when you feel like falling. The soothing nature of the music and lyrics make it a perfect track for enjoying your love while going on a long drive. Listen to his new project below and feel free to let us know what you think of it.

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