TrapNb Prince Jae24K Shares His Story & Prepares to Release New Music


By: Julz Mancini

Jae24k is a thriving independent artist with a hunger for success in the cut throat music industry. His love for music began when he was 15 years old. The talented artist recalls recording with friends after downloading the software audacity. After his first studio session, Jae24k immediately felt his passion grow for music. It wasn’t until he turned 19 that he knew he wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment business. 

Listening to prominent artists such as Young Thug and Tory Lanes assisted the young creative in finding his own unique sound. Jae24k stated, “Young Thug swims through the beat and has infinite melodies while Tory Lanes is versatile with his voice and word play.” It is clear that Jae24k has utilized the lessons learned from these artists to inspire him to create relevant music in today’s scene. He raps and sings which allows him to reach a plethora of demographics who have transitioned into loyal fans. 

Performing at a show where DJ Drewski and Jacquae were present stands out as a turning point in Jae’s music career. His performance intrigued both of the influential music professionals. As a result, Drewski and Jacquae posted him on their social media with a caption stating he made the hottest kids bop song ever. It is obvious that Jae24k’s stage presence is impeccable as it leaves long lasting impressions on his audience. 

Releasing projects such as, “The Hate Tape” and “Transitions” catapulted Jae’s career as a young, independent, and gifted asset to the industry. Jae recently revealed a new song to his followers titled, “Real Life”. Now, Jae24k is working on new material to share with his fans. He plans on becoming a huge influential name in music, not only to obtain success for himself, but to assist other music creators in building their names. He is preparing to release his upcoming single "Texting" soon! Be sure to get better acquainted with him and follow him on social media! The sky is the limit for this hungry and determined artist!



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