Malary Releases A New EP "Doheny Drive"

With a lavish Los Angeles road for the title and the notorious Kardashian-Jenner clan as the cover art, it’s easy to assume the themes of Boston-based artist Malary’s newly released EP Doheny Drive. And although money, fame, and power can often feel overused, oversaturated, Malary found a way to make it all feel new again. 

The first track, “Change,” produced by Cooper Schott and mixed and mastered by Liam Fitzgerald, belongs in a drama series soundtrack. When the beat drops and the chorus hits, it feels like that one scene all drama series have where the main characters are looking at each other from across a packed nightclub/party/bar - you know the one. But it’s no typical party anthem as the lyrics insightfully show the struggle between being proud of your success and trying to keep that success from altering your character. 

Malary pairs “Change” with the second track, “Finesse,” featuring King T’s Sly and mixed and mastered by Liam Fitzgerald. “Finesse” gives a peek at the aftermath that “Change” forecasted, showing that with success and riches comes the paranoia and suspicion that those trying to get close to you aren’t really there for just you. 

Fun and flashy but packed with insight, Doheny Drive highlights Malary’s versatility and potential as he continues on the path to success. 

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About Malary

Malary is described as someone “mostly heard and rarely seen.” A Boston-native, Malary grew up listening to the classics and modern rap and watching his older brother sample both genres for his own beats. As Malary grew up, he was drawn to the ins and outs of the music industry, picking up skills like playing the piano and learning audio engineering. To the world, Malary is elusive. However, his flow and vibe are confident.

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