Toosii Dropped Fresh Studio Album "Thank You For Believing"

TOOSII Dropped Fresh Studio Album 'Thank You For Believing'.

New York born and North Carolina raised rapper Toosii (Nau'Jour Grainger) has released his second studio album labeled 'Thank You for Believing', this past May 7th, 2021.

Toosii was discovered only three years ago, in 2019, in the city of Raleigh by South Coast Music Group (Arnold Taylor). Being only 19 years old at the moment. His track 'Red Lights' of the mixtape Platinum Heart is said to have been his huge breakthrough, reaching views and streams in the millions department. That very same mixtape conquered the number one spot in the Billboard Heatseekers Album chart as soon as it was released. With such a huge success, Toosii later re-released the mixtape in a 20 tracks deluxe version.

As to why he ended up in the music industry, it is an inspiring story of struggle. With the encouragement of his intimate family and after going through homelessness, he knew music was his true calling.

Almost 800K subscribers on YouTube and 2.3M regular listeners on Spotify marks the pace at which this young star is propelling in the industry. ‘Thank You for Believing' is a message to all those people that directly or indirectly believed in him and helped him reach his current status in the industry. With 13 tracks and some notorious feats (DaBaby for instance) intend to consolidate this studio album as a solid foundation for his many successes to come.

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