Cerose Releases Latest Album ‘Outside The Box’


Today, UK-bred alt hip-hop newcomer Cerose shares his latest work, a hard-hitting and hypnotic album called ‘Outside The Box.’ The album is built on a warm rhythm that will hit you left, right, and center and is one of the singer’s best flows. ‘Outside The Box’ is the latest offering from a fast-rising artist with a proven track record of boldly defying genre boundaries. Cerose is well on his path to putting out what matters as the artist does not shy away from speaking about his life experiences.

If you give ‘Outside The Box’ a listen, you will realize that the clever lyricism and warm melodies unfold a sinister texture that is hard to miss. Cersose is an incredible music phenomenon set to deliver one of his most formidable albums to date, showing the full force of his commanding vocals and expert wordplay. As the album unravels hard-hitting beats, the whole package is craftily portrayed to the audience with brilliantly wrapped lyrics.

Apart from this, you would find the rapper sliding in and showing off his fiercely magnetic vocal presence marking the album for tremendous success. The album is an R&B flavored, psychedelia-tinged slow-burner portraying the artist’s personal experiences most artistically. Known for his razor-sharp ability to hit the fans right in the spot, Cerose is poised to accelerate his eclectic sound with his upcoming music pieces.

What will you take away from the album?

Using exciting rhyme patterns over soothing beats, the artist has most unabashedly highlighted his journey from the beginning to the end. You might wonder why you should listen to the album. Well, here’s why. ‘Outside The Box’ is an epic collection of soundtracks that tackles everyday issues and calls the necessary problems out, quite unapologetically. Powerful music accentuating an even more powerful message is what we need today, and Cerose has heard our prayers for better music!

Cerose Releases Latest Album ‘Outside The Box’

More About Cerose

Hailing from England, Cerose makes music after exploring his life experiences and drawing vivid inspiration. Having once been a part of the infamous PDCrap/Street movement, the artist became a household name in the UK hip-hop circle from the early noughties. Cerose has also made his name at various live events and open mic sessions, including The Jump Off at Scala and Real Deal Records in Carnaby Street, London. After collaborating with great names such as Giggs, Asher D, Ghetts, and Akala, Cerose is set to discover his place in the industry and become the next big hip-hop sensation.

Listen to Cerose - ‘Outside The Box’ today!

After hearing so much about the soundtrack and the artist, we don’t understand why you have waited until here to go check it out. You can listen to Cerose’s album on all leading music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Deezer. You can also follow the artist on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more support.

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