O13 Releases Video For Debut Single ‘Been Through It All’

Find yourself having a stellar musical experience with 013’s debut single. The artist has emerged as a phenomenon even though it is his debut song. He hasn’t been out into the world yet and has somehow managed to garner fans worldwide. Following the release of his music piece, the artist released the soundtrack’s official video, which has already racked up views from fans globally.

The introspective single reflects on the artist’s life so far and the challenges he has spearheaded with his grit and determination. Drifting through life and avoiding feelings is something the artist got too familiar with during his sentence term. Therefore, to channel his inner demons and power through life rationally, O13 took up music.

‘Been Through It All’ is a song about life and its harsh realities that we have to gulp down our throats yet power through. The soundtrack represents loneliness within and how a moment that seems insignificant can sneak up to you in the most trying times. Released in association with MMT Records, the song is a testament to O13’s spirit.

More About O13

O13 recalls that he would sneak up to the radio as a kid, pucker his ear up to the soundbar, and enjoy listening to MC at Heat FM Radio Station. Ever since then, all he ever dreamed of was music. However, life had something else in store for him. He was imprisoned for seventeen years, and so were his dreams and ambition to become something.

However, fast forward to now, the artist has been doing well for himself. After serving for seventeen years behind bars, O13 is ready to turn his life around, and can you guess what he is using to achieve that? Yes, music. All his life, he yearned to do something in music, and now it is his time.

The curveballs he has been hit with throughout his life only made him more robust and the kind of person he is today. 013 will trade this life for nothing, and the song accurately manifests the challenges he has been through.

Watch The Video Featuring O13 Today!

‘Been Through It All’ marks the artist’s beginning in the music industry, and he doesn’t plan to stop. The song will be the first of several planned releases this year. However, there is a surprise waiting, and we would only unravel if you promise to give the song a listen.

Well, the surprise here is that the song doesn’t exclusively feature O13. Several singers and hip-hop rappers, including 135 from Buzzworld, Propane, Richy 2 Trill, and BMFD, feature in the song and the artist.

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