Night Lovell "Just Say You Don't Care" (ALBUM)

Night Lovell "Just Say You Don't Care" (ALBUM)

The sequel to the long-awaited, critically-acclaimed ‘Goodnight Lovell’ is here, as Night Lovell revisits and reimagines a new musical era with his latest debut project. With his previous title ‘Goodnight Lovell’ in 2019, Night helped redefine music with his sinister beats and baritone vocals. But what happens when you have all the fan fame you want but still cannot find happiness?

In the pursuit of this unsatisfying feeling, the Ottawa-native and newly minted G59 Records ($uicideboy$, Shakewell, Ramirez, Germ) signee Night Lovell has released his latest debut project, ‘Just Say You Don’t Care.’ With this LP, the artist follows a disruptive, dark world journey to his burgeoning success. Weathering the storm of incredible highs and profound lows, both personally and professionally, Lovell now finds the balance in what truly matters; his music.

The album shines a light on his eventful life in the most surreal experience. Lovell successfully combines an incantatory flow with a deep basso voice in his latest LP. The artist is the master of mood among his goth fans, who revel in his sinister beats and uncompromisingly dark vibes. Two of the lead singles, ‘Alone’ and ‘Counting Down The List,’ are already available for the fans on his YouTube channel along with their official videos.

What is ahead for Lovell?

Night Lovell has an exciting surprise planned for his fans in 2021. Should we unravel it here and spoil it for you? With an artist like Lovell, you need to stay updated with what is going on in his life and music tour plans. Excellent news for his fans, the artist has secured a spot on the Grey Day Tour with $uicideboy$ this fall and will feature music dates across North America, Europe, and Australia. Apart from this, Lovell has also planned to perform on the various summer festivals and will soon announce his single European tour dates for his fans. With a magnetic stage presence and even more magnetic music pieces, Lovell is right on the path of becoming the next sensation in the music industry.

Listen To His Debut Project ‘Just Say You Don’t Care’ Today!

When the third track, “Bottom Drop,” hit the floors on April 9th, fans have not been able to resist themselves for the album’s entire release since then.

With three songs from his latest project already ruling every fan’s playlist, there is nothing better than getting your hands on the whole album. You can stream the LP on all leading music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Deezer. You can also follow Lovell on every social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay updated about his music tour dates.

With more than 700,000 Instagram followers, over 650 million Spotify streams, and more than 200 million YouTube views until today, the JUNO award-nominated Night Lovell is reigning the music industry with his revolutionary soundtracks, and guess what? He is here to rule for eternity.

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