SKYQRU All Set To Release Nostalgia Video

In case you are an SKYQRU fan who has been ardently waiting to release their latest soundtrack, Nostalgia’s video, be ready to get your head blown because the video is currently in production and will be released for the fans soon. Fans worldwide have been going gaga over their latest album release, and it is time that the crew now unveils the video of their latest single, ‘Nostalgia.’

Based out of Las Vegas and Los Angeles, the crew’s debut happened in 2020, and since then, it has taken on the world with its revolutionary music. If you are not acquainted with SKYQRU yet, you can find their debut album Pollution on all streaming platforms. For individuals who are into hip hop, pop, hyper pop, or EDM, listening to SKYQRU is now mandatory; otherwise, you will be missing out on the most eventful music experience in your life. Their songs are primarily slow party bangers that are perfect for people who trip and die together out of happiness.

Charting SKYQRU’s Journey

SKYQRU started small with 1 Sky Entertainment as their label partner. However, with their unwavering dedication and absolute resoluteness, the group found hope in the darkest times during the lockdown. Kid Negus, aka Marcus Orlando Jr, concedes how making songs has been one of them's most fulfilling experiences.

The challenges they have powered through in their lives all add to the music pieces they create. A musician’s life journey, if compartmentalized, can be witnessed in the music they write. You cannot write so passionately about something until you have experienced it first hand, and it is precisely what drives the music in SKYQRU.

From the lowest to the most recent highs, they have seen everything, and the music they create is nothing short of magic, especially if you are listening to it when high. If you are smart enough to pull apart the lyrics of their soundtracks, you will realize that they speak to the better parts of the audience and urges them to act on their instincts, no matter the situation.

What’s ahead for them?

SKYQRU’s songs are the ultimate option for you. You can begin exploring the group by listening to their debut album Pollution that also features Ted Park.

And if you are an SKYQRU fan already, listen to their latest single ‘Nostalgia’ today or wait until the video drops, and we can guarantee that it will be on top of your playlist when you are tripping with your friends. You can check out their songs on all music platforms, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Tidal, Napster, Pandora, Deezer, and the iTunes store.

You can also go and support the group on all social media platforms. Let them know that a loyal fan base is behind them, waiting for their recent releases and applauding them for their accomplishments in this ever-competitive industry

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