(All Real) Jdot Releases Latest Single ‘Yh Fam’ [Video]

(All Real) Jdot Releases Latest Single ‘Yh Fam’

(All Real) Jdot is now live with his soul-baring latest that at last unveils his musical inspiration and presents the ultimate response to anyone who endeavors to pull him down. The song flows to be unabashed when it comes to haters pulling you down. All Jdot knows is he cannot have anyone dictating what he can do or not, and the response to it is standard, which is ‘Yh Fam.’

With over two years of experience in the field, (All Real) Jdot is an artist striving to try new things without losing sight of what is essential, which is his music. He is the ultimate rap god you might want to worship because nothing would stop this man from charting the highest hits and flagging legendary billboard awards. The song marks out new territory and is the perfect sarcastic reply to anyone who tries to judge the artist’s unpredictable yet undeniably impressive life journey.

Accompanied with this banger of a song is a video that will motivate you on your lowest days and hype you to do something better with your life. (All Real) Jdot knows how excruciatingly painful judgments can be. Therefore, he converted his angst into a song that would be the perfect sarcastic reply to anyone trying to knock him down. The song is for everyone trying to get back up and offers solace that you are not in this alone.

Yh Fam can be your ultimate go-to at parties where you want to scream to the world that it is you and your opinion that you care about, and the rest of the world can feed itself sarcasm and ironical replies. Showcasing his versatility, the artist is looking hot and mighty in the video and strives to drill a fanbase that will prop him up to be royalty in the world of music.

After missing out on life for three years, Jdot realized that his potential lay in music and that his past does not define who he is today. The artist has been consistent with his song releases, and his previous soundtrack amassed over a hundred thousand views in just a matter of days. His latest song is a live testament of what you can make of life if you have grit and determination.

If you haven’t heard yet, (All Real) Jdot is the actual sensation on Snapchat and YouTube. The artist has been garnering praises from fans worldwide, and frankly, it is all that he seeks. With his music career at the highest roll, he is on his way to becoming the biggest hip-hop and rap sensation that this world has ever seen or his fans will ever experience.

With ‘Yh Fam,’ Jdot has unlocked doors that were unknown to him. All he ever knew was that he is bigger than the opinions people have formed of him, and it is time that he made a musical piece that answered that. Check out the video below.

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