Marquell Da Poet Gave His Fans A Latest Single "Thugs Need Love"

Marquell Da Poet Gave His Fans A Latest Single' Thugs Need Love'

Listen to the groovy 'Thugs Need Love' by the Chicago-based rapper Marquell Da Poet. The song is available on various platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon music, etc. In this song, the singer expresses the challenges one can face while in search of true love. Marquell has appealed to a different fan base by making songs about heartbreak and love, and people are genuinely like his work. 'Thugs Need Love' is the singer's solo project. Marquell wrote and recorded this song in the Enviyon studios located in the country club hills. Famous artists like Juice Wrld and Gherbo recorded the chartbusters during their initial days. The audience is falling in love with this new song as it has a melodic flow, and people relate to it.

Marquell Da Poet's Musical Journey

Marquell Da Poet is an upcoming rapper and composer hailing from the Chicagoland suburbs. He records his songs in his studios. The singer describes his sound as 'hood poetry' and uses his music to make people connect with the suburbs' life. He usually sings about love, loss, seeking a better life, and the urge to crave more. His songs hold the power to motivate the listener, and that's why his fan base is enlarging every day. Marquell's ability to make an instant connection with the listener through his songs is unmatchable. He understands the value of love and how important it is in overcoming the hardships of life. His songs give the motivation to fight each and every day until you emerge victorious in the battle of life. With his new release 'Thugs Need Love' he will become popular among the fans of Sean Kingston, Tupac, and Drake as it somewhat has the same melodic flow as their songs. Marquell is gradually gaining popularity worldwide. As of now, he has 4,592 followers on Instagram and several likes on his Facebook page. His popularity has skyrocketed post his song's release, and there's no stopping for the man.

What's ahead for Marquell Da Poet?

Marquell is currently working day and night on his music, and the response he got for 'Thugs Need Love' has motivated him to make new songs. His ability to beat the odds when everything was against him is applaudable. He is a young and humble rapper who is ready to take the lesser travel road. The singer is a firm believer that you first have to embrace the struggle to strive in life eventually. With these strong values, there is no doubt that Marquell will be one of the finest rappers in the upcoming years.

Would the fans get the sweet release of a video? 

It is highly skeptical, to say the least. However, if there is a video, fans might have to wait for a little while as the song dropped two weeks ago. The video, like other Marquell songs, could feature his life in the Chicagoland suburbs. Needless to say, it will have everything that might tear up your eyes, and you could go gaga over Marquell's good lucks and charm. The video, as well as the lyrics, will hit you differently, and you will be listening to this song repeatedly. 

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