Josh Vorakhanh Releases Latest Single ‘Crazy Lady’ ft. RVLYN

If you have forgotten how to groove amidst the lockdown, ‘Crazy Lady’ will make your two left feet turn into right. This upbeat party track will give you the perfect Cuban vibe with its contagious loop that will provide you with a disease to listening to the song on repeat.

Funny thing, Josh recorded the song in his bedroom, who further refined it at the Foundry Studios. The piece presents a sublime hit of pop and rap while transporting listeners right to the authentic Cuban streets with its grungy rap and happy music. The featuring singer, who already has one single and an album under his belt, is far from finished as you might be listening to the next sensation who will take over the world with his sassy music and upbeat taste.

Josh’s Musical Journey

Josh (18) from Portsmith, UK, is an aspiring singer-songwriter with his latest single, ‘Crazy Lady,’ that will hit you right in the feels. Josh’s musical journey has been surreal as he is no short of a prodigy in the industry. He is just 18, and with an entire album that sells by him, it would be an understatement to say that the man would go a long way. Talking about his experience experimenting with music during the lockdown, Josh said it was challenging to go out during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, he thought of recreating the club vibe right from the comfort of his home. With a sublime mix, Josh came up with something that has the potential to run the world with its sanguine aura.

A Tribute to the Greatest!

The singers believe that their music piece is an eternal tribute to Bruno Mars, Tom Misch, and Rex Orange. Josh, who has been writing songs since the age of 13, fancies music derived from real-life experiences and refers to his art as unapologetically honest. The featuring artist RVLYN also began rapping from a very young age and comes from a musical family. When asked about his inspirations, the young singer cited Kano and Skepta as key influences. The song ‘Crazy Lady’ has high energy and will leave you wanting more from the artists.

Find Crazy Lady on Spotify

‘Crazy Lady’ is now available on all streaming and downloading platforms. You can also visit Facebook or Instagram and support the artists in what could be their most challenging journeys in life. With a fantastic start to their music careers, you would be listening to more of Josh and RVLYN once their song takes off and they are on the musical billboards worldwide. Do not miss ‘Crazy Lady’ as the song is the next best thing you could lay your eyes or ears on. The artists never thought that the song would get so much attention, but the love and the support of people worldwide have made them feel inclusive and grateful for whatever they have achieved until now. Every artist is told that their audience is their canary that keeps them on the right path and motivates them to make relatable music. Be Josh and RVLYN’s canary today and support them in their endeavors.

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