Becker releases video for latest single ‘Diamonds’ ft. LarryHallofFame

Out now is the new video for the latest single Diamonds from the Baltimore artist Becker. Initially intended to be a single, the pandemic not only delayed the shooting for his music video but also pushed him to record the entire DIAMONDS EP. Becker, with his new single, is up to sweep the audiences off their feet. The song is filled with luxurious vibes, and the video also promises a luxurious experience.

The collaboration with LarryHallofFame adds to the extraordinary feel of the video. The rap makes the song stand out. Becker’s ‘DIAMONDS’ is the new hit in the melodic hip-hop genre. As an Arab-American, the song offers the best of both worlds.

The pandemic delayed Becker’s highly anticipated music video for the song ‘DIAMONDS.,’ But this didn’t stop director Isaac Joel from shooting and finishing the video. In early 2021, LarryHallofFame and Isaac Joel arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, and shot the video on concise notice. The video is out now and available on Youtube, and the ‘Diamonds EP’ is available on all digital streaming platforms. The slow hip-hop background music will make you listen to the track on repeat for days at length.

Becker’s new Video DIAMONDS

The exclusive video for Becker’s hit single, ‘DIAMONDS,’ has a very uptown vibe. The video starts with Becker and LarryHallofFame arriving in a car, and the video also transitioning into a jewel shop filled with diamonds. The different locations where the video transitions and the dim lighting give the video a very affluent look. The smooth transitions give this hip-hop music video a tinge of relaxation. The costumes are rich and run parallel to the whole mood of the song. Isaac Joel’s direction is very classic. The subtle end of the music video shows the kind of direction Joel is capable of. Soft and subtle lights and colors all add to the opulent oeuvre of ‘DIAMONDS’ music video.

Becker and his album ‘DIAMONDS EP’

The ‘DIAMONDS EP’ is out now on all digital streaming platforms. It’s a highly anticipated album by Becker and is bound to break records. Nonetheless, there is a huge scope for Arab-American musicians to flourish. This intermixing of two different cultures can really open up a whole new dimension for the music industry. Becker’s collaboration with LarryHallofFame will help him collaborate with artists representing themselves in different genres. The whole album ‘DIAMONDS EP’ is going to be exclusive for its different tastes and style. Moreover, the lyrics and the idea behind the song are groundbreaking.

Despite the pandemic, Becker completed the album and managed to release his new video in a time when the music industry is at its peak. Being an Arab-American, to step into a highly competitive industry, Becker stood his ground and chased his dreams. The release of his new album will help him set his foot in the music industry and get started with becoming the best hip-hop artist.

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