Losk33 And Foogiano Share Collaborative Project “Lord Have Mercy”

Losk33 and Foogiano have recently shared a collaborative project. The outcome of their efforts takes the form of the track “Lord Have Mercy,” and is presented alongside its powerful visuals depicting both Losk33 and Foogiano doing their thing in an urban setting. Off Losk33’s new album PSA, “Lord Have Mercy” is autobiographical as Losk33 likes to connect with his audience through his own experiences. His kind of Hip-Hop, ‘testimonial turnup’ is just about bringing raw statements that describe reality as it is, and the young emcee has become a master at translating his straightforward vision through his raps. 

Inspired by his cousins to start making music, he never stopped since he started writing down his first verses. Driven by his passion, he raps about things he sees and experiences with an honest flow, never making stuff up for the sake of having something interesting to rap about. 

2021 is the year Losk33 will remember as the one when he built the solid foundation for everything coming next, exposing his own sound and image, in a distinctive and versatile manner, never copying other artists. 

Foogiano brings the perfect balance to Losk33’s hard-hitting rhymes, and after listening to “Lord Have Mercy” on repeat, we are hoping to hear some more from this powerful collaborative effort. 

>/center> Watch the video HERE

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