B-EZ, An Artist With a Strong Message


Written by: Julz Mancini

As I reflect on the moments I fell in love with music, I notice that those moments were times of struggle, raw emotion, and the need to be heard and understood. Many artists create the best music when experiencing rough times, as these are the prime and most vulnerable moments. As I have streamed through many music catalogs and learned of many artists, it has become more and more apparent that within the past year, superficial music has started to find an exit, and genuine musicianship has taken precedence as it has in the past. The beauty of music is not how many likes an artist can get on social media but the message it holds and the lives it can potentially change. Isn’t that why many of us began making music in the first place? Think back to the moment you fell in love with music. What song was it? Where were you? How did you feel? It is almost guaranteed you can answer these questions without hesitation due to the profound impact music has had on your life. B-EZ, a New York hip hop artist, has created his own lane by staying true to his love for music and instilling solid messages in the minds of his audience. 

With several releases under his belt, B-EZ is known to his audience as a talented and consistent artist they can rely on for excellent content. Growing up in NYC, B-EZ has a cutting-edge approach to music in addition to a New York hip hop style. With releases from 2015 to the current time, it is evident that B-EZ has grown as an artist, more willing and open to experimenting with different sounds while finding his true purpose as an artist. Rhyming about personal experiences and the lives others live has undoubtedly helped pave the way for this talented and unique artist. 

Releasing his albums titled “VIB-EZ” and “Major VIB-EZ” in 2019 gave his audience a taste of B-EZ’s artistry. With captivating yet straightforward production, wordplay, and hooks that are easy to chant, B-EZ’s listeners continued to ask when his next release would be. In December of 2020, B-EZ released “Pain No Mo,” a track that put him on the map as a true lyricist during the world's most difficult times. B-EZ included several current problems our world faces within his song and visual such as Kobe Bryant, George Floyd, racial injustices, protests, and more. B-EZ is adamant about spreading imperative messages to his audience to shine a light on the realities of many faces and positively influence them. 

B-EZ has made it known to the masses that he has stories to tell and lives to change through his music. He is attentively and consistently climbing the ladder as a serious artist. As he thrives and succeeds, please follow him throughout his journey. As a passionate and talented creative, he has much more in store for his listeners and viewers.




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