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Polo Shak- "Chasing His Dreams and Making Them a Reality"


Written by: Julz Mancini

At the young age of 7, Polo Shak, knew he was destined to become an asset to the music industry. It is usually during childhood, when our dreams and passions get pulled to the forefront of our lives allowing us to blossom into creative and innovative individuals. Some people outgrow these dreams as they age. However, for Polo Shak, his childhood passion continued to flourish as time passed. Developing a rap group called “Gemstarz” at the age of 12 furthered Polo Shak’s experience where his abilities and stage presence thrived. Attending different talent shows with his group increased his fan base and caused his dreams to transition into reality.
During junior high school, Polo Shak continued on his journey as an artist. Polo Shak recalls auditioning at the Apollo Theater as an life changing moment in his career. Although he was not chosen to perform, the experience opened his eyes to a world of opportunities waiting for him. After his audition, Polo Shak began performing throughout New York City which enabled him to network and come in contact with several celebrities such as Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, Cardi B, DJ Funk Master Flex, to name a few. From 2016 to present time, Polo Shak has been working diligently on his come up.
Recently releasing projects such as “12:08” and “Que Tu Sabe”, Polo Shak has received an out-pour of support from his fans. During the pandemic, when many have struggled to reach a higher level of creativity, Polo Shak has risen above these hard times and strived to share consistent content with his audience. With hard work Polo Shak attained over one million views on his video for “Que Tu Sabe” on Instagram. Through networking and utilizing marketing strategies with companies, Polo Shak has acquired the knowledge it takes to succeed in the music industry. Specifically working with Belaire, a well-known liquor/champagne brand has opened up many doors for this artist and has given Polo Shak the chance to become recognized by Diddy and Rick Ross on Instagram.
Polo Shak continues to strive for greatness with his two daughters as his primary motivation. I urge the reader to stay tuned and keep their eyes open for Polo Shak’s upcoming project titled, “How I Came Up” which features artists such as Third World Don, Kid Jay, Goddess Venus, Eddie Clutch, Verse Rare Laflare, and Swipey to name a few. This project is due to be released in 2021.
To become better acquainted with Polo Shak and his music, click on the links below!

PoloShak “Que Tú Sabe” (Music Video)

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