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Tay Money’s Journey To Success

Tay Money

is a famous female rapper who hails from Dallas, Texas. She was born in Athens and is famous for her exquisite raps in hip-hop. Her fan base expands with her every new release. At the mere age of 27, she is one of the most popular female rappers of the current generation. In 2018, she released her first album, Trapper's delight, and the rest was history. She has a following of over 379k on Instagram, with millions of youtube views.


Tay Money soon became a well-known name in Texas. Her famous works include Na Na, Moneyway, and Lewis & Clark. In 2020, her song, Bussin, became one of the top hits and a viral sensation on the Tik Tok app. It was in the 41st position among the top 50 viral songs in the U.S as of February 9, 2020.

She is also known as a TX rapper. Tay came on the big screen for the first time in June 2018 with her single Trapper's Delight. It was a big hit, and the audience cheered on for her. She followed up the success of her first single and soon released several other singles.

Tay was a born athlete, and she grew up in an athletic environment. As a result, she started playing Softball at three and started playing basketball when she was in sixth grade. She also has a license in cosmetology. She is a self-made artist, and she aspires to stay independent throughout her journey.

Tay Money's Bratt:

It was recently that, in an edition of Tay Money Fashion, she released a preview cover of one of her upcoming albums titled, Brat. This album featured Queen Mulatto of 1017. Fans welcomed her new record with open hands. Her new record Is available on almost all streaming platforms. 


Tay has served a good series of raps that commends her figure and about the cash that she believes will come her way soon. Her rap talks about how many men feel threatened by the success of Mulatto. However, she doesn't mind any of it. She tells people to ignore the bullies and keep going on.

In her album’s visual, Tay Money is seen pulling the viewers’ attention because women don’t need a man to succeed.

This visual conserved over 356k views. It was Tay's 8th successful video of the year. It truly deserved praise and much more for upbeat music and lyrics.

Tay Money Bussin 2.0:

Bussin was her Summer hit. Tay decided to spice up the single by collaborating with Sultry Saweetie for her famous track, Bussin. This collaboration was later released as Bussin 2.0. The visual featured two stylish queens who were very sophisticated and luxurious and had the most exceptional riches in their clutch.

Tay Money features a fierce yet elegant look in this visual. She is also seen delivering flirtatious verses in style. Her fans enjoyed her stylish grace. Saweetie is also seen alluring her verses, particularly in her intro line. The presence of both Tay and Saweetie added to the charm of this summer jam.

Saweetie herself reached out to her via Instagram DM to get featured in one of her album’s visuals. The best part? She is one of Tay's favorite artists. Slappers are created by Tay Money in the album, and you can't help but move.

Watch Some Her Videos Below


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