O.M.C Ant’s Trending New Single “Baltimore Slang (Dummy)” Is Out Now

Brewing hot out of the D.M.V. area is the rising artist, O.M.C. Ant. Sticking to his roots, O.M.C. is capitalizing off the Baltimore sounds. Most of the city’s notable urban artists got their fame off the distinct 130 BPM dance sound of Baltimore club music. Although the town isn’t historically known for hip-hop or rap, its upbeat production allows artists to rap over the beat creating a unique style of music that can be vibed to by the masses over the years. 

The Maryland native, O.M.C. Ant, is the latest rising star to step out of the D.M.V. area with the hot new sound! Ant effortlessly fuses the hip-hop and Baltimore club sound accompanied by playful rhymes. He does this by displaying hip-hop’s lyricism’s cadence and arrogant approach while utilizing the Baltimore club sound as a foundation for his metaphors. Additionally, he uses his music to soundtrack the city’s frustrations and thoughts while branching out from the traditional club sound and pushing music in new directions.

His braggadocious content, charm, and ear for crazy beats have earned him a growing following in Baltimore and other major cities. Unfortunately, Baltimore has yet to have a breakout figure, and it seems as though right now, the city’s music scene is hungrier than ever. However, the new musical prospects are a sight to see. With that being said, O.M.C. Ant is putting B-More on the map with his hot unique musical blend. 

Since its release last week, O.M.C. Ant’s “Baltimore Slang (Dummy)” single was already doing large numbers. The title is significant to the play on the Baltimore slang of calling a friend “dummy.” The visual paired with the track will have you running it back repeatedly. The record’s hype sound and energetic music video are something you don’t want to miss! 

Check out his hot new banger, “Baltimore Slang (Dummy),” available now on all music streaming platforms.


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