Who is Robynn Briean?

Who is Robynn Briean? That’s a question a lot of us have been recently wondering. New rising and upcoming RnB singer Robynn Briean has been climbing the charts with her single “Nada” (available on all music platforms). We all wanted to get to know the real Robynn Briean. Who is she? What makes her who she is now? And why music is so important to her. We have gotten the chance to reach out to her for her story and this is what she had to say:
      “First of all, I want to thank you all for reaching out to me to hear more about myself and my career. As you know, my name is Robynn Briean. I was born by the name of Robynn Briean Williams, I picked my first and middle name as my stage name because I wanted to stay true to who I am. Growing up I wasn’t always the “popular kid”, I was a small, smart, dark complexioned girl from the “hood”. I wasn’t brave so I got picked on a lot, majority reason being that I was darker than everyone else and I “seemed white”. I grew up with strict parenting, meaning school came before everything. As a kid I was always outgoing and talkative when I had the chance. I loved to entertain and make people laugh. My love for music starred at a very young age, and to be honest I believe that I loved music even before I was born. For me, Music was one of the ways to keep people from messing with me. When people learned I could sing they were nicer, always asking me to sing and giving positive energy. I never knew that what I was using as a shield, was going to be the one thing that I loved the most (besides family). After discovering how much I loved music, I kept talking to myself with high hopes, saying that one day I would be a star. I dreamed and made up stories in my head where I would collaborate with other talented artists and go on tours. I believed that music would not only be my way to live my dream as a reality, but it would make me feel like I finally did something right. All I ever wanted to do was make my family proud and become something and someone younger kids could look up to. My grandma always told me that I was going to do and be something great one day and after she passed, that’s all I wanted to do, make sure that her words didn’t go to waste. I also wanted to be an example for anyone fighting for their dreams to come true. I wanted/want  them to understand that every no doesn’t mean failure, it just means to try again and push harder. I’ve been told “no”, “you’re not good enough”, and “you’ll never make it”, and those words have done nothing but made me want to fight harder for what I wanted. My dreams are finally coming true. My name is Robynn Briean Williams. I am a 20 year old young woman from Braddock, Pennsylvania. Someone who was held from life, talked down to, and rejected. Now listen to this, I am Robynn Briean Williams know as Robynn Briean and I am a fighter, a RnB singer, a good getter, a proud sister, aunt, cousin, daughter, granddaughter,niece, and most importantly I AM NEXT UP and this isn’t the end for me… Again, I appreciate everyone who has been pushing me for the best. I love you all, and thank you for wanting to see me succeed!!! We are all going up from here!! Muahhhh, kisses… Love Robynn.”

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