Rap King: Hot Upcoming artist

I’m elijah williams aka the one and only rap king the Ceo of Rap King Nation Records and the voice of this generation I been making music for 9 years now and I love the journey that I been on it been times where I wanted to quit but I wasn’t getting the support that I felt like I deserve so I just kept grinding and kept pushing and now I’m happy to be where I’m at and actually getting recognized as one of the best storytellers in the game I do music just to be a voice to the people to guide them and help them understand from right and wrong sometimes your past can be a testimony for someone else who went through the things you been through so I love using my music to actually shine a light on certain subjects the media don’t speak about. I have 9 albums and my 10th album The Story Of Elijah 2 is set to release August 5th 2020.

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