Who is OKQ you may ask?

Well OKQ also known as OrangeKing26 is a Rapper/Manager/CarEnthusiast. 

Yes you heard right OKQ has been doing music for a few years and starting to catch a buzz in the Metro Atlanta area.
He is from Stone Mountain Ga born and raised on the eastside of Atlanta.

He recently dropped a joint mixtape with his artist SleepyHeadd Tittled - Real Vs Fake - Hosted by Holiday Season.
OKQ has also worked with many hot Prods in Atlanta like Dj Plugg , Dj RayG , & CallTheShoota.

He just recently dropped a video to a single titled Home Invasion on all major platforms. 
You can follow & reach OKQ on all social media platforms.

Instagram @OrangeKing26
Twitter @OrangeKing26

Check out his new music video Home Invasion here !!


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