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New England based up and coming artist K nine9z Definitely has a different sound of his own. Freestyling, songwriting, and singing that boy talented. K nine9z also self promotes all his work, He self promotes all his shows, singles, features, radio interviews, and of course social media. (Everything I do Organic) most of these new artist buy likes and followers on there social media. Some even buy streams trying to cheat there way in the industry.
K nine9z does all his work himself organically. Not only do you get to keep the overhead cost of the majority of the profit you make. It also defines the person, the hustler, and the true artist you really are. Before i started this journey I cooked for 12 years. I started rapping and writing lyrics at the age of ten. Im 31 years old now, and I never stopped hip hop has been a part of me all my life Im a true MC.
My biggest acomplishments in my career as an independant artist are. Being a part of the coast to coast mixtapes in Brooklyn, being a part of the AC3 festival in ATL. Im on a 30 day rotation at REAL 1100am, Capitol Records artist Big Jigg plugged me with with. Im a part of Cassidy's who got bars mixtape, Which is out now on topmixtapes.com. Im also a part of Vado's who got next mixtape that is getting ready to drop june 12.  You can also find it on topmixtapes, and datpiff.
I believe in real hip hop. I grew up listening to Nas, Biggie, 2pac, Jadakiss, Styles P, Big Pun, and Big L. These are the legends that inspired me to become an MC. Bars, Metaphors, and story telling drive me to make my music. I want the people listening to my music to feel my pain, and understand the real life situations I have delt with.
What alot of people dont understand. It takes alot of time, and dedication to be an artist. That requires a lot of late nights, traveling, risk taking , and a lot of brainstorming and strategizing on how to generate different incomes. Another thing a lot of people dont know, or forget about is the music industry is 90 percent business and 10 percent music. Which means you need to spend money in order to make it. 
My goals five years from now. Is to be on all the music channels, and radio stations in the country, gain millions of fans loving, and supporting my music, and save enough money to start my own label. I have two kids i need to support I wake up and get to work at the crack of dawn everyday because i dont want my kids to struggle like i did. My family is my motivation and there the reason why i go so hard im hungry.

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