The Ace : Artist To WatchOut For

Aidan Cade Everett Smoot (born September 16, 2005), known professionally as The Ace is an American rapper, writer, and songwriter from Elk City, Oklahoma.

Known for his wordplay and flows, The Ace is a young talent exploring music and growing simultaneously. With 40k streams on his newest song “Wreckage” he exploits his faster flows and aggressive tone to make an expansive sound enjoyed by his fans. The versatile artist works on most instrumentals and explores many different genres, introducing rap to indie and rock. The Ace found rap at the early age of 9 years old, becoming interested as he related to some of the problems in rap. Not ready to write yet, he rapped for a year before even picking a name, he couldn’t think of a name. He went through many names such as King Kobra, Cade Elmwood (Elmwood is the street he partly grew up on), and Dr.Dilligent. None of them fit and he thought back to his initials, Aidan Cade Everett Smoot. Aces sounded catchy, he went through many names before finally deciding on his now known name. The Ace started writing at the age of 10 and didnt come out with his first song until the age of 12. He posted his first song on Soundcloud in 2018.  The Ace accepts social issues with open arms and is not afraid to talk about sensitive topics. The Ace wishes to keep enjoying music and change the game with hard hitting songs, powerful messages, and overall moving music. He is ready to accept mainstream attention and with the buzz he is not only accepting, but expecting it.

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