Marvin Wavez "New Jersey Starboy" in Toronto

     When we met Marvin Wavez two years ago for the first time, we knew right away that he was a young "Starboy". If you have ever been around Marvin, you know his aura says it all. Talented creates is unlike what we are used to hearing. Innovator & trendsetter best describe him, but he is also extremely hardworking and humble.
     At only 20 years old, Marvin travelled alone from New Jersey to Toronto, determined to leave his mark on the 6ix. During his first visit to Toronto, we curated with Apollo in order for Marvin to freestyle on Vibe105 radio station where he was tested with a Drake instrumental, "Pound Cake". Marvin delivered tremendously! His freestyle went viral for a couple of weeks after trending on Instagram freestyle blogs. People started asking: "Who is this Marvin Waves?"  
     It didn't take long before Marvin was compared to Drake, as bloggers and listeners began referring to him as Young Drake! This referral is not far-fetched as both Marvin Wavez and Drake share very similar cultural backgrounds; the only differences being that Marvin's father is Jewish from Israel and his mother is Dominican.
     While in Toronto for his first visit, we decided to help Marvin set up the music video for his single, "Save Her" produced by Bevy Boy. We secured a condo in downtown Toronto with a skyline view, as well as a luxurious Bentley Continental and then contacted our friend, videographer Brownguymadeit. Go watch "Save Her" on YouTube if you have not yet done so. This was the real starting point of Marvin Wavez's journey in Toronto, when many gravitated towards him and his music.
     Not even one year later,  Marvin found himself back in Toronto to work with us on yet, another music video -  "Win". In fact, this was the first shot music video by well-known videographer, Donte Chung. Yes, you read that correctly - Donte's first music video and also a first for Tdotcam in his role as co-director. The music video for "Win" will elicit all the feels and emotions of viewers. It is transparent that Marvin Wavez has a hunger for the game of music, and despite his adversities, he will not back down.
     Returning to New Jersey with this Toronto co-sign has opened many doors for Marvin in the United States. He was invited to perform at a show that was later sold-out! He can even be seen crowd surfing amidst his crowd of supporters!
     In 2019, Marvin took personal time out to reflect and perfect his craft. This was in the name of preparation and to take over in 2020. During our last phone conversation, Marvin expressed that he is more than ready to complete what he started in Toronto a few years back. And we are ready for him too!
     Does Marvin have upcoming shows in Toronto? Could features with local Toronto artists be on the rise? We can't say much, but just stay tuned as Marvin Wavez at age 22, is better than ever.

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