Words Worth Buying: C.Ville's Anthem Shakes Up the UK Rap Scene

Words Worth Buying: C.Ville's Anthem Shakes Up the UK Rap Scene

Back in full stride, UK rapper C.Ville is making an impact with his 2024 catalog after a successful end to last year. From the off, 'Words Worth Buying' is a pumping hip-hop anthem that grabs the listener by the first bar with its profound lyricism and infectious flows. This single boasts an intriguing concept of C.Ville's words worth 'buying,' as he separates himself from the UK generic rap scene with more impressive lyricism and incessant melodies. Drawing from authentically personal themes of how he's had to hustle his way through life to make his dreams a reality, C.Ville recorded "Words Worth Buying" at his home studio with an instrumental delivered by the prolific producer Kaiso, which is what gives the track its attractive raw feel. It shows the quality talent we can expect over the coming months, starting the New Year in such spectacular fashion.

From the pages of his diaries to global stages, C.Ville is a master rapper and hip-hop artist currently blowing up emphatically. At only 13 years old, C.Ville began creating his unique narratives, putting down what he thought and experienced in diary pages. From these humble beginnings, a storyteller was born who could intertwine reality with imagination, creating a tale that strikes a chord deep within his soul. Music was always his solace through a turbulent childhood with hurdles abounding. Forced to face some harsh realities, he was shipped off to Ecuador- his parents' homeland- to find peace away from the chaos surrounding him. But it was in Ecuador that the whole world of C.Ville collided with destiny: for two months, he traveled through Ecuador, exploring the diverse richness of music and culture, informed at every turn by the knowledge of his grandfather, who was a legendary musician during the 70s and 80s. Experiences there earned him the name "C.Ville," symbolizing his origin and the streets of formation. He gathered "Ville" from his father's family name, Villegas, as another homage to his heritage and lineage. He uses every release to bring true-to-life pictures to life. Taking a little advice from Nipsey Hussle, C.Ville knows that with progress comes lots of steps backward to be able to leap forward. Honesty and introspection define C.Ville's music best. Stay away from this upcoming original.

Check out our interview with C.Ville below.       

1. What made you come up with your artist name "C.Ville"?

When I was younger in my area my name was Cdot for crazy. And then years later after meeting my dad family after 16 years there surname is Villegas and becuase of the influence my grandad had on me as a musician I decided to use ville now I am C.Ville.

2. Can you tell us about your musical journey and how you got started in the industry?

I started writing lyrics like diary’s instead of songs and then I got introduced to grime from some kids abit older then me and started writing little 4 bars “ And it’s crazy Mike trust me blud you don’t wanna hype if your gona hype were gona fight dida what time Didda 12 at night” lol and this was when I was about 11 or 12 ever since then I’ve been on and off but since my son was born I decided to take it serious just to show my son to always follow his passions and dreams.

3. What inspires your music, and how do you find inspiration for new songs?

Everyday life anything can inspire me my past memories but mainly things that I have gone through it’s helps me keep my authenticity in my music.

4. Could you describe your creative process when writing music or lyrics?

Like I said anything can inspire me so il make sure every day to have at least an hour for music and in that hour il make sure I either write something to a beat producers have sent me or a beat I’ve produced myself but if the music makes me feel an emotion depending on what mood I am in il write to that emotion.

5. How has your sound evolved since you started making music?

Greatly I don’t think I am just an ordinary rapper like when I started, I am making beats writing my lyrics engineering my music I feel like an artist now and I still have lots of things to learn and perfect

6. What do you hope listeners take away from your latest single 'Words Worth Buying'?

I hope new listeners can appreciate the words smith and melody’s I am making and putting together Words worth buying was my way of telling the listeners I am here to stay with authentic story telling and real life experience people can always feel what’s real and what’s fake so I hope they take that from my single.

7. Can you share any memorable or significant moments from your career so far?

I went to university for a songwriting course and completed it I went to NHam and they had great opportunities and networking events that I could take full advantage for went to the Sony building and worked with along side some great people.

8. How do you handle online criticism or trolling, particularly in today's social media-driven landscape?

I think I handle it well I don’t let things like online comments and criticism effect me as an artist I feel like music is already opinion based and everybody’s got opinions nowadays so yeah as long as you know yourself as an artist can’t let them things get to you.

9. How do you handle criticism or negative feedback, and how does it influence your creative process?

Like I said I am confident in my craft I feel like I am an incredible artist and when I do post my music I get a lot of positive feedback so I can’t let the minority of people get to me.

10. What are your goals or aspirations for the future of your music career?

I just want to be able to earn a full time living through music and doing something I love that’s why I think I am trying to learn every aspect of music from songwriting to producing music and engineering I think next for me is to learn the business so I can incorporate that into myself as an artist.

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