Jacob Collier Completes Djesse With The Release Of Djesse Vol. 4

Jacob Collier Completes Djesse With The Release Of Djesse Vol. 4
The anticipation has been palpable, and Jacob Collier does not disappoint.

Jacob Collier, the multi-Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer, stands as one of the most brilliant musical minds of the 21st century. Hailing from a family of musicians, Jacob began his musical journey early, recording and performing in his bedroom and sharing his creations on YouTube. His evolution as a musician has culminated in Grammy wins for each of his first four albums. Just a few weeks ago, he graced the stage alongside the legendary Joni Mitchell, playing piano at this year's awards ceremony.

Djesse Vol. 4, the latest addition to his four-album project, was recorded at his home studio and various locations worldwide during his recent adventures. Describing the album as "an incandescent light of dawn that celebrates human potential," Collier claims it offers "something for everyone" and features musicians from all corners of the globe. Each track stands independently, transporting Jacob to different realms of his mind and spirit.

The diversity showcased in Djesse Vol. 4 is truly remarkable. While some tracks evoke the grandeur of stadium-filling anthems, Jacob ventures into American folk territory with the eye-opening "World O World." Approaching the age of 30, he has transitioned from being a "young prodigy" to a mentor, evident not only within the album but also in his popular online classes, where he imparts wisdom in unconventional spaces.

A standout piece, "Don't Worry About a Thing," embodies Collier's collaboration spirit, transcending musical boundaries. "100,000 Voices" reflects his belief in inviting the audience to co-create a genuine, unselfish, authentic, and essentially human approach that's rare in today's music landscape.

The infectious joy in Jacob Collier's art is unmistakable and impossible to overlook.

His musical catalog continues to expand, starting from his debut album, In My Room, in 2016, followed by a one-man show tour. His grand vision of one super album split into a four-release project, Djesse Vols 1-4, has now come to fruition. Djesse unfolded across three acclaimed releases from 2018 to 2020, and now the fourth dropped in February 2024 to high anticipation, marking the project's completion.

Collier's collaborations continue to stack up and extend across a spectrum, from mainstream artists like Coldplay and Stormzy to Alicia Keys and Shawn Mendes, as well as lesser-known but equally talented musicians worldwide. His latest continues this devotion to musical co-creation.

Djesse Vol. 4 defies genre, seamlessly transitioning from jazz to Latin pop, featuring intricate arrangements and rhythmic purity. It represents audio alchemy at its highest level, enough to rekindle faith in music for even the most skeptical listener.

The double album Djesse Vol. 4, released by Interscope / Geffen / A&M, is available both online and offline. Take the chance to experience this musical masterpiece. For the latest music news, visit https://www.hiphopindiemusic.com.

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