Michael J Woodard Delivers EP "MJW1" – An Emotionally Charged and Infectious Evolution of Pop R&B

Breaking new ground in the highly competitive world of pop R&B, acclaimed singer-songwriter Michael J Woodard, recognized for his journey on "American Idol," recently dropped his debut EP, 'MJW1.' Released under the Unsub Records banner, a label founded by global sensation Katy Perry, this collection of six tracks signifies a significant milestone in Woodard's musical growth.

Woodard's journey began in Philadelphia, where his innate musical talent surfaced at age five. From the church choir to iconic venues like the Apollo Theater, his unwavering dedication led him to represent at talent competitions, including performing at a rally for President Barack Obama in Philadelphia. Following high school, Woodard pursued musical education at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

Skip ahead two decades. At 26 years old, Woodard delivers a unique departure from pop norms, delving into the intricate layers of love's journey and challenges. The EP opens with "Hems," a tension-filled track co-written with the production trio Suburban Plaza (Joji, Jackson Wang). This introspective piece captures the complexities of a relationship, where Woodard laments being entangled in a mess after the initial fervor of love. Chilling vocal harmonies heighten the emotional turbulence.

The glittering "24 Hours" serves as a nostalgic ode to the danceable pop of the early 2010s, a formative period in Woodard's journey as a songwriter. Co-written with Charles "Chizzy" Stephens (Chris Brown, DJ Snake), who also produced the track, it emanates a breezy energy. "Anti You," produced by KillahGraham (Thutmose, 30 Seconds to Mars), emerges as a buoyant anthem, symbolizing Woodard's readiness to move forward and embrace love again, even with the risks that involved.

Collaborators on 'MJW1' include writer/producer Social House (Ariana Grande) on "Ruined," a melodic exploration of the emotional aftermath following a breakup, producer/artist Phinisey on the surrealistic "Face," and L.A.-based writer/producer duo GOLDSPACE on the exuberant "Trouble." Official videos for these tracks debuted in the lead-up to the EP's release and can be seen on YouTube.

'MJW1' stands as a pivotal moment in Woodard's musical odyssey, highlighting not only his raw talent but also his evolving understanding of the intricate workings of music, and willingness to bring onboard some of the top forces in the industry to help him create magic. Michael J Woodard is an artist hitting new heights and making many believe his potential is literally unlimited.

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