N8 LOU - "Back To Basics"

I started in Saint Louis 5 years ago. My style is positive motivation. My most successful track is "Back To Basics," featured on my YouTube, which has 100k. I'm inspired to be the next prominent artist to break out. I am fully independent, do all my promotions, and record my songs.

I am a hip-hop artist, creator, producer, and writer; I am the CEO of multiple businesses and produce my own music and videos; I have accumulated over 350k views on Youtube and have retained 300k plus followers on Instagram. My music is very high energy and gives you a positive vibe. I am the backbone of the underground scene from St. Louis, soon to be known worldwide.

I have over 9500 listeners on Spotify and amassed 500k streams independently. I am working on a second studio album and will soon drop my sophomore album, trench baby, on all platforms. With my success, I hope to bring hope and inspiration to the youth from the inner city.


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