GreenEyez Gearing Up For Second Mixtape Installment In Six Months

Get ready to get more music from Nation Music! The Indie rapper GreenEyez is prepping to drop his second full-length album, which will make noise in the music industry. His favorably anticipated "2 Much Motion" project will soon be available on all streaming platforms. GreenEyez's second mixtape release builds up his position as a powerful and unstoppable force in the industry. Furthermore, it demonstrates that GreenEyez is a rising talent to watch out for.

While reading this, you are witnessing the early stage of a rising star in a fresh light as GreenEyez brings his music to new peaks in his upcoming release. Owning assembled a collection of songs from his early career in late 2022, the Shreveport-based lyricist tackled his goal to shift his music into the uncharted region purposely. In his upcoming project, "2 Much Motion", GreenEyez fully accommodates the sounds and experiences shaping his life, combining traditional Louisiana bounce and Hip Hop with modern-day beats that force the genres into the twenty-first century. With a trace of drill sounds and rhythms, each track is different by GreenEyez's vocals, which function as an extra tool throughout the album. Even die-hard fans of the rapper will be shocked by the new direction GreenEyez took with this project.

GreenEyez's proficient use of lyricism completes a delivery that almost hides his voice's passion and aggression. GreenEyez is a multifaceted musician who excels at making it all appear light-hearted and playful until one pays closer attention. "2 Much Motion" celebrates success and the freedom that comes with it. The title track and the lead single, "I'm With All That," reveal GreenEyez's newfound sense of peace and the many options now available to him. With each track, the rapper portrays a mastery of his craft, seamlessly blending his lyrical flow with a contagious energy that will indeed have supporters moving to the beat.

Lastly, GreenEyez hopes this project inspires others in his hometown to reach new heights. Don't believe me? Stay tuned here at Hip Hop Indie Music for the dropped deliverables from the trailblazing talent! For now, get familiar with GreenEyez by following him on social media.


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