Shizzo Shines Raw Talent On "Blickity"

In the hip-hop community, Philadelphia is widely regarded as home to some of the most gifted emcees.With that said, it's time to get familiar with Shizzo. Undeniably, he is among the city's most promising artists. He is never too shook to jump into a more vulnerable side with his music in a genre with many subgenres. As a result, he can tap into his creativity to create music that connects with listeners on a more genuine and relevant level.

Now, he makes his official debut with "Blickity". Presented by Divine Chosen Ent., this song is completely unique, and current compared to everything else Shizzo has ever recorded. Let’s not get it twisted though! That was the purpose. The Philadelphia-based Divine Chosen Ent. record label gives artists full creative control and ownership of their master recordings. Shizzo is happy to collaborate with CEO William Brownlee on this endeavor and grateful to be part of a strong team that puts the needs of the artist first.

According to Shizzo, the song was sparked by his realization that his music wasn't connecting with younger audiences the way he had hoped. With this tune, he aims to influence people of all ages. Typically, you’ll hear him go bar after bar over traditional hip-hop production, but this here is straight-up STURDY. Shizzo says he appreciates the "Sturdy" movement because it allows people to freely express themselves through dance, which was once frowned upon in his hometown.

In an era where TikTok dance challenges rule, “Blickity” is definitely a bop that folks will enjoy dancing

and vibing to. Shizzo's vocals on the hook and the lyrics go perfectly together, and the Ahkashi-snap-productionpays tribute to the late PNB Rock.

Overall, this really is a dope record we’re sure many will love. As of right now, Shizzo is working on his album, along with the “GOAT Killer” mixtape series, in which he jacks some of the greatest beats and puts his own twist on several of his favorite songs.

Press play on "Blickity" which is available on all digital streaming platforms via United Masters.

Be sure to check it out! Lastly, let us know your thoughts here at Hip Hop Indie Music!


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