R&B Artist Roy Woods Releases Single And Video For “Bad Bad”

Roy Woods - “Bad Bad”

Canadian R&B Roy Woods has had a busy year. He released his debut album, Waking at Dawn, in March and has been touring the US and Canada since then. Now, he's back with his new single via Drake's OVO Sound/Warner Records.

The track is a sultry and sensual ode to love in its visceral form. It's a little bit Sam Cooke, a little bit Usher, with a dash of Chris brown thrown in for good measure. The song gives me a vibe about a girl that Woods can't get out of his head, even though he knows he should. The beat is smooth and light—the song that makes you want to get up and dance (or maybe sway) with your sweetheart.

Roy's voice is powerful but nuanced, and he uses it here to convey passion and restraint. The lyrics are simple yet evocative:

"In other situations, I wouldn't have to break you
Baby, what's this inception? Tell me if I should wake you (wake up)
You tried to give your best love, but what did that all make you?
Loving me is a lesson not even I could teach you.
Don't, don't let me keep you (don't let me keep you)
We live odd lives that won't equal
Leavin', like tell me right before the prequel
Or you could pull up on me for the sequel."

The second verse features some autotune on Roy's voice, adding charm to the song. He talks about how he doesn't want to fall in love because it's too much work, but that doesn't stop girls from trying to get with him.

"Bad Bad" is relaxed—perfect for listening on your way home from work or when trying to unwind after a long day at school or work!

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