Here Are 8 Tips On Promoting An Album (or EP) To Reach As Many Ears As Possible

Here Are 8 Tips On Promoting An Album (or EP) To Reach As Many Ears as Possible

In the music industry, where you constantly compete with other talented artists, it can be challenging to stand out. But if you want your music to get noticed by the masses and sell some records, you must do something different than everyone else. In this article, we'll cover six tips on how to get your band noticed by promoting an album:

First, create hype before the album's release.

You'll have to create a buzz before release to get your album noticed. Creating a buzz means focusing on your fans, not critics. It also points to building a fan base through social media and creating a website where fans can follow the album's progress. One way to create hype is by hiring an agency specializing in PR or marketing. These professionals know how to attract attention and build hype around new releases so they can help promote your music as much as possible. But, of course, the best way to generate publicity is to create much hype by talking positively about your music and creating an interesting image for you as a brand that people want to hear more about.

The value of visual content.

Visual content is an excellent way to promote your album and yourself. Visuals have become an essential form of communication in a world constantly glued to the screen. As a result, 70% of viewers will more likely choose visual content over text-based messages. Visuals are more appealing to the eye, easily remembered by people, and more shareable than text-based content. They're also practical for promoting albums and creating a solid first impression with new fans of your music or band name. For example, when someone visits your website for the first time, they may be overwhelmed by all of the different things they can do on it, like listening to songs or buying tickets. Still, if you present them with visually appealing images, then they'll be able to instantly see what kind of music you play without having any idea about you beforehand!

Spoil the appetite of your fans.

  • If you have a new album, why not give your biggest fans something to talk about, like your upcoming release? Create an app that gives them access to exclusive content. But you can still be generous with your time and talent by giving them some free songs, music videos, and sweepstakes to enjoy before the release date. It will inspire those fans and interest their friends in your projects.

  • You could also put up a teaser video on YouTube, Social Media that shows a few seconds from each song on the album—but don't reveal the whole thing! That way, people will want to stream it as soon as possible so they can see how it ends!

Promote Your Album On Social Media

  • Social media is a great way to promote your album. You can use social media to spread the word about your album to a broad audience. You can create much hype around your album by releasing it digitally or physically in advance, generating excitement among fans who want to get their hands on it as soon as possible. If you're planning on having an official release party with your bandmates and friends, then make sure that people know about it online. That way, they'll be able to come to check out what all the fuss is about!

Suppose you have money left over after paying for recording costs and mastering fees. In that case, it might be worth investing in some professional photos and videos of yourself playing live shows. That will help when you try to promote an album by creating visuals that represent how awesome (or not) your music is--and also give people something else besides just listening to clips! Market your albums.

Market your albums on music websites

The next step is to market your album on music websites. This will help get people talking about your band, so the more exposure you can generate in this area, the better.

Here are some great tips:

  • Make sure you're getting your album up on the right websites. If there are no artists similar to yours listed under their genre, it's probably not going to work well for you. Try searching "HipHop" or "R&B" if those are genres that describe your sound, and see what comes up as suggestions below (or above). If they aren't a good fit, try different keywords like "rap music blogs" or even just "submit hip hop music sites." You'll want at least three various sites where people can find out more about your music before moving on to step 6 of our process—getting them excited enough about what they've heard that they listen again and share it with others! Here are the Hip Hop blogs that I recommend sending music to.

Go old-school, hold a concert.

Are you the type of musician that has a following? Well, holding a concert can be an effective way to promote your new album. This is especially true if you're planning on releasing music videos from the album and want to perform at least one or two of them live.

If you haven't released any music videos yet (ahem), performing live at a concert is still a good idea if you want to get people talking about your new tunes outside of social media channels. If you perform songs of your latest release with no visual component involved, consider recording audio files for each track so people can listen later and give feedback on their favorite song(s).

It may also help if members of your band had previous experience playing at local venues—if they did well in prior shows or made connections with other musicians who've played there, too, this could lead them to book more gigs in the future!

Keep in contact with your fans.

In order to get your fans involved, you must stay in contact with them. This can be done through a variety of means.

Social media like Facebook and Instagram allow you to post updates about upcoming shows and new music.

Email newsletters are another great way to keep your fans updated on the latest news from your band. You could email your fans weekly or more often if you have something exciting going on that wouldn't fit into 140 characters!

Your website is another excellent place for information and an easy way for people to find out exactly who they're dealing with when they visit (something I'll get into later). It also gives people an easy way to contact you directly without having any other access point, such as Twitter or Facebook, where spam filters may prevent messages from getting through because they're not spammy enough (or perhaps too spammy).

Create an EPK for yourself that's worth sharing.

An EPK is a press kit, but it's also much more. It's the perfect way to introduce yourself and your band to potential fans and industry professionals. An EPK should include:

  • A photo of the artist
  • A short bio about each member of the group
  • Contact information for you or your manager/agent

It's essential and only right that you must have some sort of logo design before creating an EPK. The logo will help people recognize you when they see it, making them more likely to want to hear more from you in the future! You can create something simple using Photoshop or Gimp (free software) or hire a professional designer through Upwork if the money is tight right now. Here is a complete example of how to find EPK creators for musicians.


If you're a musician, your job is to make music. But if you want to get noticed and make it big, it's also important that people know who you are. That means promoting yourself and your music through social media, the press, radio interviews, and more! Here are some tips on promoting an album (or EP) to reach as many ears as possible.

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