Gabby Gabanna Show Her Bars On Her New Single "P.G.S.L.T.M."

Gabby Gabanna's latest single, 'P.G.S.L.T.M.,' stands for 'Pretty Girls Still Love Trap Music.' This new tune, which follows her debut, 'P.G.L.T.M' (Pretty Girls Love Trap Music), is about inclusivity and fun in the Trap Music culture. Gabby Gabanna has released this tune as a direct sequel to her debut, allowing listeners to witness how far she has become as an artist since her debut. Gabby Gabanna proves she is not the one to mess with when choosing powerful beats to assist her great lyrical flow. Gabby Gabanna is the next Rap sensation; She also gave her fans the official music video for her first new single of the summer, which can be streamed below. The cinematic visual, directed by Gabby and Kevin "Surf" Mitchell, pairs a play on the concept of a drug kingpin running a trap house preparing sweets with Gabby's dominating, irrefutable double-time raps.

Nybrea Montague, stage-named Gabby Gabanna, was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1998 and spent her youth on Beatties Ford Rd and Statesville Ave. Gabby Gabbana is an inspiration to look up to and learn from after living an incredible and challenging life full of adversities during her formative years. Gabby Gabanna has been rapping since she was 11 years old, drawing inspiration from Lil Wayne's lyrics, punchlines, catchphrases, and flow, as well as Nikki Minaj's style and confidence. Gabby Gabanna has established a beautifully distinctive sound that stands out in the scene by elevating these two influences and blending them with her charm and style. Gabby Gabanna, who lost her mother at a young age and was raised by her aunt, grew into a fierce hustler and developed an ambitious attitude to music and life. Gabby has opened for Black Yungsta, Key Glock, and Kevin Gates, among others, and has released four mixtapes on her own.

In 2019, she got her birthday wish and got DaBaby to collaborate with her on the song 'Blue $trips.' Gabby believes it is critical to know that her spirit guide is Kitana from Mortal Kombat. She is currently working on an untitled studio album.

Gabby Gabbana is an artist who continues to demonstrate her strength by releasing songs about her artistic personality. As a young woman, she displayed a connection between rhythm and rhyme, so it was no surprise when she began to create her career in the music industry.

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