DeeHumpTrill Releases Latest Single 'Lost Child' (Official Music Video)

For a music artist to make it big in the industry takes tremendous courage, talent, and luck. Unfortunately, even so, their success is not guaranteed. That's why so many underground artists are just waiting to be heard!

One such young and talented artist is DeeHump Trill! His brand new, soul-healing single has created a buzz in the industry. So if you are contemplating giving a new artist a chance to enter your playlist, it should be none other than DeeHump Trill.

His recent single, "Lost Child," has managed to pave the way for his fans to get a glimpse of his intimate life. The artist sang about his grandfather's demise, and anyone who has experienced grief will understand the lyrics about the feelings of isolation and loss.

It is not easy for anyone to overcome the loss of someone they were close to. While it is typical for an artist to enter a dark zone when such a thing happens, DeeHump Trill was able to convert these feelings into a piece of art. His fans would be glad to get a glimpse of his personal life through the song, which is undoubtedly incredible, evoking all kinds of emotions in an individual.

Straight out of the core of Arkansas, the singer belongs to a small town known from the 90s film "Banging In Lil Rock." Before building a music career, he was a Basketball player, taking part in the Collegiate stage in America. But shortly after, he left sports and began grinding and hustling. He soon discovered his fondness for music, thus finding a means to express his emotions.

DeeHumpTrill established his career last year with his debut song "Morning Sun," followed by the album "Better Late Than Never."

Although Deehump Trill been creating music for quite a while, it is now that he has created a name for himself in the industry. All of his independent songs channel a full vibrant range of human emotions, making it hard for anyone not to feel his words. One can feel all the emotions in just one song, from sorrow to pain, wrath, and merriness.

His pieces from the album Better Late Than Never, released in 2021, also received outstanding ratings from the listeners, allowing the artist to create a fan base for himself. Additionally, you may check out his talents in the singles Bread Up and Close to God. His other works, "Streetz," "Neva Kno," "Who am I," "Make Believe," "Momma Tired," and "Back & Forth," are a collaboration with other artists.

You will have a good time listening to his work on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.

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