KJInDaBuilding Lets Fans Into His 'Mellow Thoughts' With New Almbum


PG County, MD takes a win as rising native KJInDaBuilding releases new album Mellow Thoughts -- a full body of work that perfectly describes KJInDaBuilding and his artistry. The nine-track album is a great introduction to those who are new to KJ and his music. His vibe is none other than calm, cool, and collected. His flow debatably falls between that of conscious rap and the old school bebop flow -- and a new approach isn't always too bad in this new age of hip-hop where much content is oversaturated. Mellow Thoughts is definitely a summer-time gem. 

KJInDaBuilding has already built a solid foundation for himself thus far, organically growing his audience and pushing quality content. Mellow Thoughts is just a firm example of what KJInDaBuilding can provide. Mellow Thoughts comes shortly after his single and visual releases "Rackz Got Me" freestyle and "Peace Y'all" -- which serves as the lead single on the album. Ready to continue his musical journey and have the world catch on, KJInDaBuilding is prepared for the hard work. Make sure to stream the official album below:

KJInDaBuilding - Mellow Thoughts

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