Serbian Hip Hop Artist 5AR Release New Single "Sorry" And Album "Anti Cool Kid"

Recently 5AR contacted was fortunate to find out more info about him and more about the music he provides to his fans. 5AR just turned 23 and is located in Serbia.

5AR started writing at 14, and his first recording started at 16. So when he saw Tyler The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt get on the mic, he thought he could. But, in the beginning, he felt this barrier. Any success might not be recognized because he is not from America, Canada, or the UK, so I should give up. That bothered him, so he decided to keep striving and making music until I broke that barrier down. Check out the interview below to get more insights on 5AR.

1. Describe your favorite and most minor favorite part about being a musician.

It's just who I am; I don't do it for any benefits like fame or money, making music isn't the best road for those things either, so I do it cause that's what I'm born to do, but I do hate the marketing side of things like doing TikToks.

2. Tell us something about your debut single, "Sorry?"

It's an honest song where I apologize for not being the best boyfriend, not being as fully committed to rap as I want to, and turning it from a song where I'm apologizing to a song where I'm saying that I'll improve and how I'll do it.

3. Describe your creative process when you write new music.

Lots of freestyling, lots of experimenting, and lately I've been trying actually to say shit, not just purely vent or purely write stuff cause it flows dope, but that's good and fun too.

4. Are there any musicians who inspire you? What qualities do you admire about them?

There's a bunch, from Thom Yorke, who's my favorite artist of all time, to punk musicians like Gorilla Biscuits or Fugazi, to my friends like Lavan, there's too many to name, but the main thing the artist has to have is a vision and purpose, all of these guys have that. Mick Jenkins and, lately, JPEGMAFIA has been super inspirational too.


5. What is the most trouble you've ever gotten?

Pregnancy scares probably LMFAO; other than that, I'm pretty chill, and when I'm not, I'm smart with it, so it never gets too big or too serious.


6. Which qualities do you think to make a great musician?

Just pure talent where you're naturally good at melodies or rhythm or both, but a lot of work and education can help you too. I think I'm living proof of that. So Basically, hard work, willingness to experiment, honesty, and an exciting personality can help.

7. Do you have any weaknesses that you're actively working to improve?

I'm big on self-improvement. I've been going straight edge the whole year. I'm exercising again, putting in work every day for music, and doing college sh*t. However, procrastination can still be a problem, so I'm dealing with that and being a good person, like not taking shortcuts if they're morally iffy.

8. If you were to completely start over again from day one, what would you do differently?

Either everything or nothing, but probably nothing, I think I'd be weirder for sure that's a great thing to be that I held back on cause I'm from a small town. I'd go crazy on TikTok. I would blow up so damn fast.

9. Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to be a musician as a career?

Go for it.

10. Do you create for yourself or your fans?

It's definitely for me, and it'll stay that way even when I get fans.

11. What next for you?

Singles, my tape Anti Cool Kid, I'm super proud of it, but then I'm dropping singles every month, maybe even more often, and then to end the year off, I got a love-themed album almost ready that I'm hyped. I can't wait. 

Stream below: 5AR - Anti Cool Kid

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