Artist Iam72hours Releases Latest Single 'Don't Lose You'

Artist Iam72hours releases latest single 'Don't Lose You' (Audio)

Iam72hours came up with a new single, 'Don't Lose You.' The rapper has got amazing talent as a freshman in the music industry, as well as he has fantastic songwriting skills, which enhanced his career in the music industry very well. Iam72Hours started his music career in 2016 in his high school. He released plenty of tracks and music after starting his career.

His most prominent project was 'Long Live Desi.' This project was started in collaboration with EDIT TV, based on the story of 18 years old girl. The girl was shot in 2019 while attending the party. That video project portrayed the awareness regarding teen gun violence.

"Don't Lose You" made us all fall for his smooth and harmonious flow. The single portrays his own life experience of losing himself and his values. He crafted this song to inspire others to not lose themselves in situations of chaos and when the world seems to end.

Iam72Hours keeps the listeners entertained. He has the extraordinary talent to convey his life stories through rap and tracks. Over time Iam72Hours music got to be recognized by the local city of Valdosta and then spread all over the world. We hope that this emerging artist will continue to win the hearts of music lovers in the year 2022.

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