Social Media Presence For Musicians: How To Gain New Audience And Use Hashtags

In today’s modern era of our world being a “Global Village,” all kinds of social media have made it easier for us to platter our creations. Also, present them to our audiences quickly, efficiently, and entertainingly. First, however, you need to know the necessary skills to attract all kinds of desired audiences.

Want to know how? You’ve come to the right place!

Why Does An Artist Need An Excellent Social Media Presence?

All kinds of artists need to utilize the aspects of social media and digital marketing to make their name amongst the many in competition and build a “social media presence .”A social media presence should be your primary objective, as your audience is your ticket to reaching the top and garnering the proper response whenever you release.

This is only possible if you act according to the feedback and responses from your audience. The better your content is, the more engagement and promotion it will get!

All Social Media Needs A Good Following!

Exposure is one of the critical aspects that makes you bold from the rest. In addition, the exact numeric value of your followers helps boost your popularity as it allows you to reach your prospective audience.

A steady growth rate is a bright indicator that you are serving engaging content that influences social media, which will automatically attract a loyal following and better engagement!

You Can Use Them For More Than Just Followers.

Social media isn’t just followers and promotions—it is also a form of entertainment! Social media is a very vast platform, and as a music artist, it can also help you find your source of inspiration and help you nurture your talent more and more. It is also an easy way to engage with your audience, connect with them, and show them your face and personality. A strong connection between artists and their audience is vital to improvement and growth.

It Might Be Easier To Use And Gain An Audience Than You Might Think!

Despite its seeming technicalities, social media is pretty easy, fun, and practical to use. The best part about it is that it won’t cost you a penny! You need to make an account, and the relevant platform guides you about its mechanism and fun features.

How Should You Improve Your Social Media Engagement?

It is needless to say that social media are practical tools. However, the question arises: How do I make myself stand out during rising competition? It could get somewhat discouraging if you are discouraged with strong competitors in your niche, the music industry.

The one who has a more strategic approach is the one who gains the spotlight—the kind that you need if you are using social media for relevant engagement and growth. All you need to do is follow these basic steps and hacks:

  1. Consistency

  2. Consistency is not only the frequency of how often you upload but also a commitment to some piece of long-form content—which means posting meaningful content at least once a week. The consistency of posting at least one valuable piece of content on your profile is the first and foremost important step to keep your audience on the radar. The more consistently you post, the more the platform will organically show your content to your audience.

  3. Quality

    Now, the quality of your content is not only subjected to having the best microphones, fanciest cameras, or the best gear. Instead, it is the quality and the authenticity of your content that matters more. As a result, your viewers are more interested in the content value than the production value!

  4. Strategy

    The most critical part of any successful plan is forming a good strategy that you may also need on social media. You will need to strategize which keywords will make your content into the search engine and directly to the mainstream.

  5. Content

    Finally, it’s the content itself. Content is the king of social media. So this is about what to post on social media and where? People spend the majority of their time on their mobiles. That is where they consume their desired content. As a musician, you might have an advantage over the fact that there is a huge trend; digital audio. People nowadays prefer the quickest source of content, which is audio, for example, video podcasts, Spotify, iTunes, etc.

  6. Leveraging your profile

    Most people engaged in some business have two profiles; a personal and an official one. The personal one is where you interact with your loved ones, while the official one is where you produce content and promote it. Now, depending on your comfort level, it would be an excellent idea to mingle these two aspects to boost your engagement rate. What happens is that if you promote your official post on your account, it receives more exposure as your close family and friends may leave likes and comments, and their friend’s network will see it too. Henceforth, the reach of your official account goes up!

  7. Engaging First

    Social Media platforms have an innate system that tracks your activities and engagement rates. Now, the more active you are, and the more you engage with people similar to you (musical artists, producers), the more promotion and engagement your content will receive in return. So, try not to be a passive member of social media.

  8. Optimize Your Profile

    The visual representation of your account should be attractive, complete, and relevant because it’s your face on social media that attracts more followers. You could attach smart links which directly send the person to your musical content and make it easier for the audience.

  9. Create Opportunities For your Fans To Engage With You

    The essence of art is the connectivity between its perceiver and its creator. Your art is a pathway that connects you and your audience. Hence it is vital to engage with them and talk to them. Listen to their voice. Not only will it bring you more exposure, but it will bring you closer to your art.

  10. Start Small

    Try to start small when you are just beginning to make your place on social media. It’s better to have just one or two support platforms. It makes it easier and more unique.

Ten Best Ways To Use Hashtags On Twitter And Instagram

A hashtag is a label or a “trendsetter” used on social media platforms categorizes all the content and presents it to its relevant audience. To create it, you have to use the “#” sign in front of words with no spaces. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in encouraging social media users to explore their desired content.


Ten Best Ways To Use Hashtags On Twitter

  1. First, you need to take precautions for using the hashtag properly. Do not use spaces between the words (like #hip hop is a big no, #hiphop is the proper way), and do not use punctuation between hashtags (#hip-hop is unacceptable). These will impede the function of the hashtags and prevent your tweet from entering the system.

  2. Try not to over-hashtag your tweet unless you’re using Tweet threads. The more relevant and concise your tweet is, the better.

  3. Make sure they are easier to remember, with the correct spelling. Don’t give any reason to people not to use your hashtag. It would also be advisable to capitalize the first letter of each hashtag to make them more noticeable and easier to read.

  4. When it comes to being noticeable, do not overdo it by capitalizing all the letters of your hashtag. Not only is it jarring and unpleasant, but also more tedious to use for your followers.

  5. A more visually appealing and creative way to set the trend is by using branded hashtags. This Twitter Ad feature will boost your tweet reach by 10%!


Ten Best Ways To Use Hashtags On Instagram

  1. First, you need to take precautions for using the hashtag properly. Do not use spaces between the words (like #hip hop is a big no, #hiphop is the proper way), and do not use punctuation between hashtags (#hip-hop is unacceptable). These will impede the function of the hashtags and prevent your tweet from entering the system.

  2. It is recommendable to use fewer but relevant hashtags in the caption of your post. However, if you wish to use more, you can do so in the first comment of your post.

  3. When using Instagram, you need to be wary of it because your account has to be public or won’t reach your non-followers and has less exposure and promotion.

  4. Add them to your stories as well! Although they only last twenty-four hours, they have a mighty reach as they show up in the search engine as well. Not to mention they are the easiest way to garner your audience, and you can hide them behind your text or sticker.

  5. By all means, try to avoid irrelevant and repeating hashtags! The simpler, the better.

Our Favorite Social Media

Our top picks for you to get started would be “Twitter” and “LinkedIn .”They are entirely free, organic, and the most accessible ticket to acquire your spotlight. They are the platforms most used by people, and all kinds of influencers and promotional assets are waiting for you to join them there. Their engagement rate is also very high due to their popularity, and their authentic system could also guide you to where you need to stand!


Social Media has made our daily interaction and all kinds of activities so much easier and quicker than just a few clicks away. In this modern era, almost everyone has access to social media one way or another. So, using the proper steps, careful strategies, you could also be big amongst the many other musicians and claim your spot among the best—along with the benefits of receiving the love and support from your fans.

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