Fansub is an excellent application designed in 2020 specifically for the artists and brands who want to pursue their careers by digitally engaging the audience. The goal and purpose of this application are to assist rising talent in obtaining a respected position in the music industry, particularly during this coronavirus pandemic, when the music industry's activities were crumbling. It helps the artists and provides fans with choices to find the artists they want to engage with depending on their content.


The name of the founder and creator of fansub is "Brandon King." He came up with developing a platform for the artists to engage their fans with their content. He remained a successful player of the NFL in the past for the colts. When he retired from sports, he planned to pursue his career as a software engineer. Sooner than later, he started to enroll himself in the field of software engineering. The core idea of developing such a platform for the artist came into his mind when the whole world was fearful about the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. Everyone had no clue that how will they pursue their careers by sitting at home during lockdowns. So, he started coding to develop fansub to pursue a career in isolation and interact with the fans by sitting at a distance. He first worked to establish a live-streaming network based on a self-serve live stream solution to help the emerging artist reach audiences easily. Fansub App helps the creators and brands to increase their outreach. Fansub is the third application developed by him. 


Chris Davis is the CEO of the fansub. He also has experience of over ten years in expanding the outreach of start-up applications. Chris also came from a sports background as he was a duke football player. Chris Davis enriched fansub with his start-up experience and assisted in developing a network by the formation of an organizational framework. His main aim is to create a solid organization to gain traction for the fansub. 


The production chief came from a bit professional field as he worked as an artist and cinematographer for many years. The man behind all the advertising and production ideas is "Cameron Williams." Being chief of production, he is responsible for every management and new idea regarding advertising and improvements in UX experience.


When we talk about the CMO of the fansub team, Michael Lombardi has a wide range of talent fields. He has an abundance of experience while staying in the music industry for over seven years. Michael worked as an artist manager and advocate. He has plenty of experience working as an A&R, booking agent, and engineer. It is not tricky for fansub to compete among the rising online music platforms and applications with talented personalities.


Being a user-friendly and supporting application, fansub is a fantastic tool for all brands and artists. It provides a wide variety of features to assist the users in reaching the audiences effectively and creating their digital fanbase. Here are some innovative features which will inspire you to become part of this application. 


Fansub provides you a better opportunity to promote yourself as an artist by updating your profiles on the application. First, you need to add your basic information, goals, and relevant projects to showcase your talent. Then, to establish portfolios, all you need to do is add your music videos, soundtracks, upcoming events, merch drops, and albums. Once you update your fansub profile, you would not have to make social media profiles as an artist. This profile feature helps the artists portray their talent in a single framework that helps develop their fanbase.


Fansub allows its artists to add a unique feature to engage their audiences with their new posts and events. If artists turn on the custom push notifications, it will notify their followers and fans about their recent activity. This feature helps to give reminders to the followers about upcoming events and tracks. Of course, when users get notifications for each activity, they will look for it. But, on the other hand, it is beneficial because they can get immediate information regarding their favorite artists on time.


In recent times, even before the corona pandemic, it was too hectic and heavy to arrange events as an artist. Thanks to the technology and pandemic, they created a way to hold events on the internet. Fansub provides an excellent opportunity for its artists to arrange their events and concerts at the tip of their fingers without any hustle. This application allows the artist to take control and monetize the events organized by them. It depends on artists whether they want to create events virtually or in person. However, they also have an option to create hybrid events to engage their audience.


An essential feature of fansub which distinguishes it from other applications is the data portal. Fansub provides detailed insights into the artists and brands. It provides all the necessary information for the artists, including the subscriber's and ticket buyers' names, region, email, and phone numbers. Moreover. The app also helps artists locate the area in which their subscribers exist in large numbers. I notice that this app helps the artists and brands whether the public is watching their content with passion or not.


If we talk about the benefits of fansub to the artists and brands, they are excellent in numbers. This app helps the artists work on an authorized platform passionately, but it also helps them increase their outreach. It contains all the essential features to assist emerging artists in developing their fanbase and compete in the music industry. Now managing and creating events is so easy and smooth if you use this user-friendly application.

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