Dilly Da Don releases latest single "Make Me Go"

If you wanna just let loose and sway to catchy old-school beats, then “Make me go” by Dilly Da Don is the song. The music is so groovy and energetic that it will make you go in no time.

The melody of the song is captivating and soothing. For people who are not fans of loud EDM music but enjoy enticing beats in the music, “make me go” falls under your choice.

The artist Dilly Da Don is exceptionally talented when it comes to creating music. He has a unique approach for selecting the tunes, music, beats and blending them flawlessly to present a fantastic song.

More about Dilly Da Don

The musical journey of Dilly Da Don started when he was just nine years old. He is not a newcomer to the music industry. He has been gaining fame for his works for a long time.

He captured the undivided attention of local Jamaican artists at the age of nine. It was also a special moment for Dilly Da Don because Jamaica is also the birthplace of his idol, Bob Marley.

Originally from New York, Dilly Da Don moved to Germany. He got to sign a record deal contract with a company called Sahara Music. He diligently worked with them for four years. During this span of 4 years, he released four projects worthy of entering the Top 10 European charts.

His talent has always preceded his reputation. After his time with Sahara Music in Germany was over, he moved back to the USA. With his internal flame for music burning bright, he established his record label and record studio. It is known as Unt Productions.

Listen to “Make me go” Today!

“Make me go” imparts a sensual and raunchy vibe. The lyrics are witty, clever, and amusing. All things that can make a person enjoy themselves over their affectionate ones are mentioned in the song.

The song sets a flirty yet melodious tune. His craft falls under the genre of RnB and hip-hop, which are in trend these days. The beats are compelling, and the vocals are soothing.

This song has fused beats, hip-hop tunes, and soothing vocals perfectly, enhancing the overall feel-good energy of the music. “Make me go” is one of the best songs to slow dance to as well as to play at a party bursting with wild dancing.

The brilliance that went into crafting this something, Dilly Da Don excels at. His experience in the music industry assists him in coming up with songs that catch the attention of his fans mesmerizingly.

You can add this song to your pick of mood-lifting and groovy music. “Make me go” by Dilly Da Don is expressive, addictive, and swoon-worthy. It blends with the party and soulful vibes, making it a choice for many moods.

“Make me go” is available on all major platforms. What are you waiting for? Stream this enigmatic song now! 

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