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Friday, April 16, 2021

The legendary maker of "It's Dark and Hell is Hot" DMX Forever Change Hip Hop

Who is DMX? Earl Simmons, famous by the stage name DMX passed away at 50 on April 9, 2021. DMX took over the world of hip-hop in early 1998. DMX was 27 when he released his debut album, 'It's Dark, and Hell is Hot,' and changed everything. Fans never predicted a battle rapper from Yonkers could make such a huge impact.

DMX's debut album was filled with betrayal and revenge tales, violent cynicism, and skeletal beats. The album reached the top of the charts and sold 251000 copies in its opening week in the United States. DMX took over the hip hop world that year. He gave back-to-back super hit tracks and became the only living rapper to top the Billboard album charts twice in a single year.

Top 10 DMX's songs

  1. Get At Me Dog" from the album' It's Dark, and Hell Is Hot,' 1998

  2. How's It Goin' Down" from the album' It's Dark, and Hell Is Hot,' 1998

  3. "Stop Being Greedy" from the album' It's Dark, and Hell Is Hot,' 1998

  4. Ruff Ryders Anthem" from the album' It's Dark and Hell Is Hot', 1998

  5. Slippin'" from the album' Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood', 1998 

  6. What's My Name" from the album'…And Then There Was X', 1999

  7. What These B--ches Want" feat. Sisqo from the album '…And Then There Was X', 2000

  8. "Party Up (Up In Here)" from the album '…And Then There Was X', 2000

  9. Who We Are" from the album 'The Great Depression, 2001

  10. X Gon' Give It To Ya" from the album 'Cradle 2 the Grave', 2003

Best DMX album of all time

Hip Hop rap DMX's debut album is the most iconic in his whole career. Although fans love his others albums like "…And Then There Was X', 'The Great Depression,' 'it's Dark, and Hell Is Hot,' is known to be the best of all his works. The album continues to rule even after two decades. It brought a huge impact and new angle in the world of hip hop culture. The multiplatinum-selling album rose to fame with several DMX best songs like "Get At Me Dog," "Ruff Ryders Anthem," "Stop Being Greedy," and "How It's Goin' Down."

The next four chart-toppers albums followed it "... And Then There Was X," "Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood," "The Great Depression," and "Grand Champ." DMX released multiple hit albums. He was a turning point of the hip-hop culture and was titled the favorite rap/hip-hop artist at the 2000 American Music Awards. The king of hip hop was nominated for the Grammy awards thrice. DMX rap battle: In 2020, the legendary hip hop singer faced off against Snoop Dogg in the Verzuz battle. The rap battle drew over 500,000 viewers.

DMX rap battle: In 2020, the legendary hip hop singer faced off against Snoop Dogg in the Verzuz battle. The rap battle drew over 500,000 viewers. 

Besides, DMX's hip hop culture is so famous, and he paved his way into films. In 1998, he starred in the film 'Belly.' He also worked un 'Romeo must die' in 2000 with Jet Li and Aaliyah. Aaliyah and DMX even came together for the 'Come back in one piece, the films' track.

He took an active part in the tribute music video, 'Miss You' for Aaliyah and her mates and collaborators, including Missy Elliott, Lil' Kim, and Queen Latifah. At 22 age, in 2001, she died in a plane crash. DMX was also seen along with Steven Seagal in 'Exit Wounds' 2001 and with Li in 2003' Cradle 2 the grave'.

DMX quotes

DMX's quotes inspire millions of people every day. The rapper brought a significant impact on every fan's life. Here are the best lines of the legendary rapper of all time. 

"It's the tough things that we go through, hard things we go through, that get us to that point where we're better and stronger than we've ever been." -DMX, 2020

"A lot of people, we want a miracle, we want a huge blessing. People will forget that a miracle will only happen on the platform of a tragedy." -DMX, 2016

"Right, wrong, good, bad, heaven, hell. I think that is the theme of my life. I think you have to know both to honestly choose one. So, I'm familiar with both sides of the fence." -DMX, 2004

"I'm a shine regardless; my steps have already been ordained. My steps have already been written; the Lord has already written my steps out so no one can do anything to stop it." -DMX. 

DMX hip hop culture

DMX continues to be worshipped and honored by the young generation today. If one wants to rap and learn hip-hop music, one must listen to his legendary records. The lyrical stuff, the melodic stuff, the hard-hitting ones, and the criminal stuff, everything sounds real. DMX gave everything to his records.

DMX death 2021

On April 2, the rapper collapsed at home. He got a cardiac arrest due to overdosing on drugs. On Friday, April 9, he passed away peacefully at the White Plains Hospital in New York after suffering another 'catastrophic cardiac arrest.'

His family members addressed the media that Earl was a formidable warrior and fought till his last breath. They said DMX's music brought inspiration and hope to millions of fans across the globe. DMX will forever live through his iconic legacy. DMX's ex-wife, along with their four children, visited him in the hospital. He died among his family members. Outside the hospital, all DMX's fans gathered together and danced to his songs.

They paid a massive tribute to him, showing endless love and that his legacy will live on forever. Tashera Simmon brought this to light on social media, stating that the love is real. She also added that he has a contribution to her life and made her who she is today.

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