Rugga MH releases latest video "Ping Pong"

Rugga MH releases latest video 'Ping Pong'

A lot of people been waiting for the hot video for the popular single ‘Ping Pong,’ wait no more and switch to YouTube right now! Rugga MH is here with the much-awaited video of his latest single, and fans worldwide are going gaga over the artist’s performance in the video. The enticing tune caught DJ Drewski’s ears and the new MVMT team on Youtube/Facebook lived when the song was initially released.

Draw Inspiration From The King Himself

The worldwide traction prompted the artist to up the ante on his latest single. With the fans’ unwavering support, the artist finally went for producing a video for the song. Rugga MH conceded that he had so much fun shooting for the song because he could be in his element. The artist thinks that it is time to give Brooklyn what they have been missing, and it is with his latest song that he wishes to break the barriers that society has created.

The song is here to inspire and motivate, the two things that also drive the art of song making in Rugga MH. A multi-talented artist and an even dramatic vocalist, Rugga MH was raised in Brooklyn, New York, considers the place to be one of his strongest inspirations to write music.

MH Rugga And His Unapologetic Music

If you are a party animal and seeking good music for your next soiree, ‘Ping Pong’ can be your go-to soundtrack. Every one of Rugga MH’s songs is reflective of his experiences as a child, adolescent, and adult, which also makes his music pieces distinctive from other artists. Since everyone goes through different life challenges, our lessons and what we gather from them make us stand out from a crowd that has lost its character and looks identical to artists searching for dramatism.

You cannot make it in the industry with similar music. You will always have to get something new to the dinner table before anyone else pulls in front of you and steals every bit of the momentum you built for yourself. A similar mentality inspires Rugga MH and his music. His strenuously dramatic yet melodious punch lines bring character to his music. Simultaneously, his unabashed attitude and eager lyrics make the audience feel something beyond what standard music pieces offer.

A Homage To All Party Animals

As a result, if you are into party or trap music and have never heard of MH once, go to his Facebook or Instagram page right now and follow the eventful work the artist has done over the years. You can also check out the song on all music platforms, including Spotify, AmazonMusic, Apple Music, Tidal, Napster, Pandora, Deezer, and the iTunes store.

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