RNB Vocalist Fay Kendel Releases Latest Single "Note 2 Self"

RNB Vocalist Fay Kendel Releases Latest Single "Note 2 Self"Fay Kendel is here with her stellar single ‘Note 2 Self,’ and it will make you feel everything right, left, and center, and all the things in between. This recently released song is already on a successful trajectory and is making the rounds among fans worldwide. Fay’s latest single has already amassed a massive round of applause from the fans and is all set to sweep more right off their feet.

Fay’s Glorious Inspirations

The song’s central themes revolve around serenity and encouragement, and with its top-of-the-line lyrics, the soundtrack is on its way to hit the highest in the Billboard chart. The artist conceded to draw inspiration from Mary J Blige, and it would be an honor if her song lyrics could remotely be as empowering as of Alicia Keys. The combination of terrific vocals and compelling lyrics makes the song an easy listen on days when you require a little pick-me-up. Note 2 Self is for everyone who second guesses themselves or defines them as reflections of their worst insecurities. With a distinctive and robust beat, the soundtrack wants you to embrace yourself unabashedly. The artist implores you to manifest self-love out into the universe unapologetically and take pride in who you are because, at the end of the day, it is you who are going to fend for yourself.

Track The Artist’s Challenging Journey With ‘Note 2 Self’

Fay hails from Sierra Lione, West Africa, and was adopted by Danish parents at four weeks. With everything she has seen and learned in her life, Fay uses all her stories to make compelling soundtracks that convey growth and warmth to her listeners. The artist wants her music to be the driving force among the minds of the little girls to pursue their dreams forthrightly.

Her unforgettable and glorious style gives character to her music which invokes unprecedented emotions among her audience. The artist wants her music to be the guiding light in the lives of lost individuals who have succumbed to their insecurities and lost confidence in them. With the soundtrack playing, the lyrics will manage to hit you in all the right spots, and what is art if not articulating an individual’s feelings aesthetically.

What’s Ahead For Fay Kendel?

With ‘Note 2 Self’ garnering the praises it deserves, the artist will soon release another single, which will blow her fans right in the spot. Her brilliant songwriting and titillating vocals invoke the strongest emotions, and mind you; her song will take you to a place from where there is no coming back. Do you want to experience euphoria? Get it with Fay Kendel’s latest ‘Note 2 Self.’

You can stream the soundtrack on all leading music platforms, including Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Deezer. You can also support the artist on various social media platforms and let her know that you have her back while she is on her journey to become the superstar of the millennia.

Give the song a listen today below.

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