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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Trap Gotti - To The Top Feat. Dee Watkins (Official Music Video)

Trap Gotti - To The Top Feat. Dee Watkins (Official Music Video)

Have you heard the latest track of Atlanta rapper Trap Gotti? It is titled "To the Top." This song's writing style is unique and has set a high-standard bar for all the fans of rap songs. The song has a contemporary and pop style, and the beats are quite catchy. The response of this song among the audience is impressive, and people love this song. Trap Gotti has soon become very popular in such a short time because of the quality of music he has been producing. With each passing day, his fanbase is growing.

His Opinion On Working With Big Labels:

Although several record labels are reaching out to this rapper, he chooses to stay independent. He says that he has no plans of signing a deal with someone as of now if it is not a distribution deal. His song "To The Top" is gaining popularity at a fast rate, and the solid sonic elements of the song have added to its charm. Trap Gotti aspires to grow further in the music industry, and his goal is to take care of his family and provide them with a fantastic lifestyle. He makes music and raps only for his fans, and he wants people to relate to the songs he sings.

Through his songs, he tries to express himself to the audience and his dear ones and try to say things he would not be able to them in person. His song "To The Top" is very versatile, and the listeners find it to be quite authentic and refreshing. A healthy dose of thematic music and beats combined with Trap Gotti's rap makes this song stand out in the crowd. This song's progression is constant throughout; however, his rap blends in with the music very well and makes it unique.

The Inspiration Behind Writing The Song "Trap Gotti - To The Top " 

The approach used to write this song provides it with a unique sense of fusion. Trap Gotti says that Lil Wayne and Chief Keef influence his style of rap and the lyrics. This song's lyrics clearly define that he aspires to be on top of the world. Irrespective of the hardships he faced in his life, he wants to keep growing. His songs are very versatile and have funky, upbeat music, which is loved by the crowd.

The song "To The Top" reflects how he wants to be on the top. His music and rap style had also changed from the time he started, in the sense that he has now begun to target female fans more. This is because he thinks that they are more loyal when they like the work of an artist.


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