T James: The Next Big Thing Out of Alabama


Written by: Julz Mancini

The era we live in is the perfect atmosphere for artists to venture out on their own as they pave their path to success. With so many opportunities to monetize off the music, independent artists are thriving and unwilling to settle for less than they deserve. 

For T James, also known as King James, music has always been a way of life. While relentlessly working on his craft, T James decided to form an independent hip hop label, “Real Rap” based out of his hometown Gadsden, Alabama. Developing a music blueprint for other artists has set him apart from other creatives in his area. Artists look to him for influential advice and musical stimulation. 

As his career has flourished, T James has had the honor of working alongside mainstream artists such as Blac Youngsta and Finnesse2Tymes. Not only did this propel his career further, but it also enhanced the flow of his creative juices. Now, T James is working harder than ever with new music available with Super Nard, Rubberband OG, and Lil Bam. His most recent release, “Trappin Made It Happen” has sent shockwaves through the independent music scene. With the swarm of support, T James has received, it is only a matter of time before he is the next big thing to come out of Alabama!

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