Young Female Hip hop Artist Erica Banks "Buss It" got her spot in the hip hop music world

Is Erica banks The Next UpComing Female Rapper? Erica Banks is one of the most highly dope female artists. Let's be honest. She is a professional rapper-singer and songwriter. She is one of the highly searched on the internet by many people.

With her original name Erica Scharmane Breaux, Erica Banks is also a great female rapper in America. She appears to have an attractive and beautiful body. She is a good-looking personality with a decent height of 5 feet and few inches. She keeps herself very fit and best by doing regular exercises and activities. She is a crush of thousands of people across the world. At times, she can be compared with Texas rapper Mega Thee Stallion on music style and accent. But she wants people to understand that her craft speaks for who she is.

Before she became famous, trying to achieve her dreams. She enrolled herself in the course Nursery in Texas A&M commerce, and she changed it to business later. She used to work in a mall part-time to earn extra cash.

Talking about her earning and monetary worth, after becoming a sensation in the music industry, she has been earning pretty good. Her primary income source is singing, and songwriting and her secondary income are social media sites such as Instagram. She also tied up with other people to do collaborations and projects to do more in the music industry.

Young female rapper Erica was fond of writing poetry with her inclination towards lyrics and music, talking about her qualities or characteristics. She used to write a poem and kept a journal of her poems since from her elementary school. She has grown up listening to the whole Young Money I'm talking about Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne.

Having a talent for poetry, Erica Banks had won many school contests. She also jumped into rap during high school. Her friends and culture influenced her to try rap at that time. She also used to write lyrics in quick time during lunch. When she became 12 years old, she found that her poetry is like raps. During school break, kids surround her to let them listen to some poetry or raps. During college study, she introduced her talents to the studio in her sophomore year at Texas A&M Commerce. She admitted that she loved to be on the stage. She mentions that whether she performs in a school play or athletic activities. She used to be active in anything that showed her talents.

Erica Banks got dropped out and left her job when she realized that music is her passion, and she wanted to follow her love of music vigorously. Her parents were not happy with her decision but later agreed and fully supported her in the initiative. By this time, she was of firm decision that she would be pursuing the dream of becoming a singer and musician. At the age of only 21, she appeared to have a professional voice on her records. Her voice had been a warm one with sound confidence.

Beginning of her music career, Erica Banks started her music journey with freestyles on Instagram. She was amazed to see that many people love her music and were interested to hear more from her. So she started posting videos also. This was happening when Erica Banks graduated from Desoto High School in 2017.

After some time, she provides her fans her first single, "Talk My Shit," on Soundcloud in 2019 and followed by another named "No Hook." After this, she released her debut mixtape of Art of the Hustle, which attracted many reviews. She also published her new mixtape, "Cocky, on purpose," which increased her review collection and took her fan base to the next level.

Within one year, she released three breathtaking mixtapes and attracted thousands of online visitors to be her fan through freestyle videos. She became an online sensation on social media.

When did Erica Banks got signed?

1501 Certified Entertainment CEO and former MLB All-star Carl Crawford were her most vital fans. They contacted Erica Banks, rapper, one night when Crawford provided new artists the opportunity to demonstrate their music. Label CEO was heavily impressed by the rap music of Erica Banks. Erica signed up for a deal with 1501 Certified Entertainment for the label. Carl invited her to go live with him. She played her most recent single, 'Buss It,' for him. He liked it and appreciated it. After few weeks of going live, he reached out to Erica and asked to sign any other label. As per various sources, Erica is claimed to be the first significant artist pushed by 1501 Certified Entertainment since Megan Thee Stallion.

The songs of Erica Banks, which got viral, include "Hell Naw," "Buss It," and "Toot That.". Another song that is available now is "D Boy."

Erica's parents are happy now with their daughter's remarkable decision as she is a 1501 certified Entertainment artist. Now, the 1501 Certified Entertainment backs her, and she can boldly introduce her hip hop style to the world.

The publicity of Erica Banks's hip hop music and the virality of her song, Erica Banks' "Buss It" has been heavily airplay across the world. It also went viral on the TikTok platform. It turned out to be a challenge on the app called tik tok. It almost multiplied his fanbase by n times and gave tremendous publicity. It became Erica Banks' huge massive success. The "Buss it," SGT J produced track is now reaching close to million streams on Spotify per day. Earlier, SGT J and Erica Banks both did not work together on a single song. At the end of 2020, he produced 5 of 13 tracks on her self-titled projects along with "Buss It," and these were hits.

The song "Buss It" was initially released in February 2019, but it became increasingly famous in late 2020 and early 2021 due to the increase in streams and YouTube Views. The credit goes to #BussItChallenge.

The track now has a social media challenge named #BussItChallenge associated with it. The challenge started on TikTok. Girls on TikTok are coming up in sweatpants with the song by sharing their videos. These videos carry change in clothes by females to wear low-cut dresses. A change of clothes reflects the actual meaning of the challenge. It is women's empowerment. It indicates that women are comfortable with herself and outfits she wears on.

This TikTok now has over 2.5 million videos created. These hilarious videos also got famous on TikTok and migrated to Twitter. It caught the attention of celebrities, Dani Leigh and Nelly. Now, even the guys have begun to take part in the trending challenge.

This trend has a massive impact on Banks' success. These trends made her enormous success on social media like Instagram. This rapper's song has officially hit the Billboard Hot 100, coming in at No. 100 for its debut entry. "Buss It" currently has around 15 million Spotify streams, over 5 million YouTube views. Her Instagram account, as of now, has 294k followers, which is a good count. Her song has debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 100.

Erica Banks describes that she found this challenge later when she got calls and messages about the viral TikTok video. She was not familiar with using the app at that time. In a week, she discovered that video views jumped from 5000 to million in just over seven days.

The profound success of the "Buss it challenges" helped Erica Banks, Texan rapper, sign a path-breaking deal with Warner Records.

On successful "Buss It," one of the rappers, Tory Lanez, said that he wanted to collaborate with her on something exciting. Travis Scott has joined hands with Erica Banks for a remix of "Buss It." The remix arrived with the news of the official sign-up of Erica Banks with Warner Records in partnership with 1501 Certified Entertainment. You can refer to this remix on #BussItRemix.

The Rap flow of Erica Banks:

She had her first song in 2018. Initially, she was not into the process. She also did not have any specific choice to have in a certain way. As known from the source she worked with, she is flexible and has been extremely choosy with beats. She has been a versatile artist when it comes to her music personally. This female artist has different vibes and settings for whatever song she is attempting. She finishes songs very fast. She writes in freestyling. She hears the beat the first time and then tries to write.

Talking about the choice of beats, Erica Banks has been demanding. She has a clear view of what she likes and does not like. As a female artists, we need to understand how vocal erica is about choosing music. She shares her views with a producer about doing and working.

Even though every individual is different, Erica Banks has been compared to Meg Thee Stallion, Lil' Kim. They also her new age Lil' Kim, Diamond from Crime Mob.

Her Thoughts on her Success personally did not like the song when she did it. She did not believe that she should have put it out. Her friends and producers mentioned to her that she should make it live. Now, this song is her best performing song. After putting, she came to know that she might be able to do something good.

She believes that "Buss It" is not her best work so far. She does rap, little R&B. She also does singing to some extent. She always believes that she does pop. She loves pop music. She believes that she can do things also other than hip-hop music. She has been happily surprised by the wonder of unreleased music.

The profound success of the "Buss it challenge" helped Erica Banks crack the deal with Warner Records. This is the unexpected outcome for the lady who started her musical cum artistic career from school pursuing her interest.

She has been consciously aware that she has been compared with Meg Thee Stallion, Lil Kim, and Diamond from Crime Mob. She openly confesses that she hears those compliments a lot.

Young female hip-hop artist erica banks have a message for her fans that we all can appreciate.

Erica Banks conveys to her music listeners that her music will always feel good about themselves. She wants them to get great fun out of it. She believes that when people listen to her music, they feel more significant than they think. Her music should give them an esteem boost.

Around December 2020, as per the announcement, she had signed up with Warner Records. She could successfully carve a niche for herself in the hip hop segment with her well-composed lyrics and unique video style.

Also, she has other attributes to demonstrate. She provides a turn-up kind of music. She can also sing and also play pop-up music. So we can expect something new from her soon.

Erica Banks is still actively making music, hoping that her new album can be underway. She also mentions that she will be the following legend in the hip hop female side, according to an XXL Mag Interview.

Erica Banks is one of the most upcoming influential American rappers with quick success on her songs.

In the end, I believe that you have to listen to the music, watch her music video, interviews to understand her more. But in case if you have not, then be sure to listen to the track. Take a glimpse at the official music video below.

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