TwoCeez Spices Up The Game With Latest Visuals - “In Ya Face”


Filled with powerful beats, swag soundscapes, groovy undertones, and all in all smooth sounds, the new release from TwoCeez named "In Ya Face" is thrown all over your face with passion, dedication, and unapologetic confidence. The hip-hop beast from North-Las Vegas also dropped a music video for the release where he enjoys the company of half-naked beautiful women and throws money all around. The events of the music video happen in a stunning all-white mansion filled with cyberpunk lighting that adds to the edginess of the whole vibe. 

"In Ya Face" is a perfect follow-up to the artist's previous releases from the album Community Service called "One Of A Kind." The rapper owns his hip-hop vision and adds to the urban style his signature sound spicing up the genre.

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